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    The All Navy message soliciting applicants for Class of 2021 has been released:


    If you are an enlisted Sailor or Marine and you are on this forum, take a close look at the requirements and speak with your chain of command and your command career counselor. Look for the POA&M put out by your admin dept. They always have more slots than qualified candidates - is it because they are missing YOUR application? You could be selected to attend as a member of Class of '21 or Class of '22 via NAPS, depends on certain factors.

    For the Divo and DH on SAF: maybe it is time to conduct a CDB for your hard-charging Sailors who you know have the potentials to be great additions to your wardroom?

    Are you a parent of a young Sailor or Marine that due to circumstances out of his/her control, they ended up enlisting while you know they can do well in a vigorous academic and physical environment and to fulfill their dream?

    Contact the POC on the message for specific questions.
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    This should be a Sticky !
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    I follow public domain message traffic even though I'm no longer on Active Duty.

    It's a shame that the number of enlisted appointments to USNA from both USN and USMC have dropped so drastically.

    Please spread the word of this opportunity to anyone you know who has a Sailor or Marine on their first enlistment.
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