Interesting Article About Transitions to Civilian Life....

Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by tug_boat, Sep 8, 2016.

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    That was a heart breaking story.

    I got out of the military in 1986 (at age 22), went to college, graduated in 1990 & started on a career in banking before I transitioned to a career in federal law enforcement. When I first joined, the office was almost entirely male & veterans (and we all had mustaches back then - & smoke cigarettes at our desks!)

    There was always good-natured joking among the "swabbies" and "GIs" and "Jarheads" etc in the office. Even with guys who'd never served in the military like, you know, Air Force veterans. Ha ha ha.

    The office was open, think "Barney Miller" or "Mary Tyler Moore Show".

    We told jokes & "war stories" & farted & had "liquid lunches" (i.e. booze) on occasion (Fridays, and sometimes Thursdays."

    Nobody stared at their smart phone, thumbing their way pages mindlessly.

    Nowadays, the office is about 50% female. Off-color jokes are taboo. Everyone has their own cubicle. Far fewer veterans, though the last 5 years or so has brought a lot of Iraq/Afghanistan guys on board, and they regale me with their stories about their detailed efforts to get vodka mailed to them in Baghdad or Kabul in mouthwash bottles from home.
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    Must be tough to hear treehuggers badmouth the military after returning from the service. I know some of the larger universities have clubs/student associations that are composed entirely of veterans. I'm surprised such a student club is not mentioned in the article - I would imagine such a group would exist at institutions, esp in Texas.

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