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    Form 148 (USAFA Request for Secondary School Transcript, school profile) is given to the school academic counselor. Once he or she completes it, she is asked to mail it along with a transcript, profile, senior schedule and copies of official test scores. The Academy already has the official test scores..mailed directly from SAT and ACT and the scores are on the top of the application page on the online application. Does an additional copy of the scores need to be sent along with Form 148 or is that only if the Academy does not have them already? The answer seems obvious, but directions are directions.
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    The school should take care of this. With my son's school, the transcript had all 3 years of classes, grades, and gpa. It listed his current class ranking. It also listed his SAT/ACT scores on it. (Most recent). Not sure how your schools is. If you can contact your school to find out, that would be the right answer. And if the academy already received the SAT/ACT, then it should already be posted on the online application. That would satisfy the requirements. Of course, you want to continue taking the SAT/ACT because the academy superscores and will use better scores from each test. Best of luck. Mike.....
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    my son's school does not report SAT/ACT scores at all. We sent scores from collegeboard and the new scores were updated on the usafa online application. His academic portion of the application (transcripts, scores, rank, profile, form 148, senior schedule) is showing received and processed and gpa and test scores are accurate. I think you're fine if you send scores directly from college board.

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