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    Hello everyone,

    I just have this quick question regarding candidate writing samples and personal statements. Do the people who review candidates' personal statements frown upon brief personal narratives? Like, for the questions that ask, "Describe a time when... blah... blah.." will it be okay for me to open my response with an anecdote and eventually steer my response towards a direct answer? And for the questions that ask, "List leadership qualities... blah... blah..." should I just stick with listing a semi-long list of qualities I possess, or can I elaborate upon using mini stories?

    To iterate, I guess ultimately the thing I am unsure about is whether it will be okay to write my responses using personal anecdotes or not. My question stems from the UC school system's recent change regarding applicant essays (they got rid of their fluffy narrative essays and instead adapted the more straightforward "personal insight questions".)

    Hope what I am asking is a valid question and thank you for in advance!

    *Edit* Oops, I forgot to specify that I am asking this question for USAFA, USMA, USNA, and the other nomination sources. Thanks!!

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