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    Concerning the writing sample of the application; the instructions say to answer either #1 or#2 but not both. #1 seems to be a softball which, I think, most applicants will choose. #2 challenges the applicant to look inside them self and find a potential weakness and then provide a path to addressing the issue. Do you think 1) #1 will be the predominate question used and 2) do you think more credit will be given for tackling the more revealing question? No sense putting yourself out there if there isn't a reward.

    1. When did you first become interested in the Air Force Academy and serving in the Air Force? What started your interest? What Air Force career field do you hope to enter? What do you expect to gain from the Air Force Academy experience and how will it help you in your Air Force career? (250 to 300 words, 3000 characters max)

    2. Which aspect of the Air Force Academy experience (academic, military training, athletic, social/spiritual) do you anticipate will be most challenging for you? Discuss why and how you expect to succeed in that area. (250 to 300 words, 3000 characters max)
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    My son did #2 and 3 for his essays. He had some pretty insightful writing that even I found surprising - made me proud about the maturity and self reflection that he showed.

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    Don't read into it. It's a writing sample. They care how well you communicate in writing. They simply provided a Right brain - Left brain set of questions. types of questions that most/all applicants can relate to one way or another. If you can't communicate properly in writing, then neither one will help you. If you want suggestions, here it is: 1. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Answer all the parts of the question, and don't go too little or too many words. 2. Use an appropriate vocabulary. I.e. don't use $10,000 words if they aren't normally used words. At the same time, don't use all 1 syllable words. 3. Use proper sentence structure. Know when to break paragraphs, recognize run on sentences, etc... 4. It's ok to use a spell checker, but go beyond that. I.e. A spell checker won't correct you if you used the word "Their" instead of "There" or "Here" instead of "Hear".

    Some of us; especially me, don't use the best sentence structure on the forums. I write professionally; including contracts on a daily basis. When I'm on the forums, I tend to use this time to relax and NOT THINK. Know what you're doing on the writing sample. Don't slack on it by thinking it's easy. Best of luck. Mike....

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