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Old 21st February 2010
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Default February Candidate Visit Weekend

Do any current mids or those who have been on this Candidate Visit Weekend have any advice on what to expect, what to bring, what to know, etc?

Any tips or advice would be really helpful.

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Old 21st February 2010
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I'm going on the CVW this week, too!
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Old 21st February 2010
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I'll just post the schedule we had from our visit in January - hope it helps some:

USNA Candidate Visit Weekend Program
Schedule for Parents

Thursday 21 Jan 2010
5:00 pm Candidate/parent reception in Mitscher Hall Lobby
Light snacks available
Meet Admissions staff
5:30 pm Candidates check-in and register with Admissions staff
5:45 pm USNA “Fulfill Your Destiny” video
5:55 pm Welcome remarks by:Don Nelson, Assistant Director of Admissions
6:15 pm Admissions update/candidate information brief
6:45 pm Questions/Answers with Admissions Officers
7:05 pm Welcome remarks by: Brigade Commander
7:15 pm Candidates meet midshipmen escorts/hosts

Friday 22 Jan 2010
9:00 am Midshipmen Panel for parents in Rickover 102
10:00 am Midshipmen Parent Panel for candidate parents in Rickover 102
11:00 am Walking Yard Tour by Visitors Center tour guides
12:10 pm Watch Noon Meal Formation
12:10 pm Lunch on own
1:00 pm Parents assemble back in Rickover 102 for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) briefing and Tour with faculty and midshipmen
*3:20 pm STEM tour concludes; midshipmen escort candidates to Worden Field for Formal Dress Parade
*4:00 pm Formal Dress Parade: Parents are welcome to attend (Weather permitting)
*5:00 pm Parade concludes; evening on own in Annapolis area

Saturday 23 Jan 2010

11:00 am Candidate Visit officially concludes; meet up with candidates independently

*Note the starred items are not offered during this visit.

My son never did anything physical (he'd brought sweats/swimsuit/gym clothes), but the friend he went with (who stayed in a different company) did 3 times I think, so make sure you have the minimal stuff you'd need for that.
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Old 21st February 2010
usna1985 usna1985 is offline
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Don Nelson won't be there as he's retiring at the end of this month.

I frown b/c he was GREAT!
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Old 21st February 2010
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Default CVW

Son is attending this week as well...Thank you for the sample schedule....looks like it will be very fun and informative.....
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Old 21st February 2010
mumsyto3 mumsyto3 is offline
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As a parent, if you have a chance to attend, I highly recommend it. As you can see from the schedule, that Marciemi posted, there are several meetings/panels scheduled for parents that are very informative. The tour of the yard as well as the tour of the STEM building was very impressive.

My son brought along a sleeping bag. For clothing he wore khakis and polo shirts. You don't need to bring suits or ties, but remember you will be attending classes with your mids and I think it shows respect to the mids and the professors to look decent. If you are going to wear jeans make sure they don't have holes! He brought work out clothes (he never used his, but like Marciemi pointed out, other candidates did).

I do suggest bringing something for the midshipmen who you are staying with (cookies, candy, snacks, etc). My son brought homemade chocolate chip cookies. The mids he stayed with were very appreciative.
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Old 21st February 2010
SmilingParent SmilingParent is offline
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Agree with Mumsyto3 -- My son and I attended in January...

1) Khaki's and shirt with collar (and sweater) most appropriate -- few guys in suits looked like they were trying to hard

2) I had to force son to bring cookies -- They were greatly appreciated by the three mids he bunked with.

3) They bring a cot into the room for your child to sleep on.

4) Remind you child -- his drag will fill out an evaluation on him...keep that in mind when commenting on things.

5) Visit gave my child a sense that he could make it at USNA (alleviating some questions)

6) I appreciated the panel interview's with other parents and the one with current mids. VERY Informative.
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Old 21st February 2010
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Default Son Attending also

My son is attending also, do most of the people attending have appointments already or still waiting?
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Old 21st February 2010
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Daughter is attending, does not have an appointment yet.
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Old 21st February 2010
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I will be attending this weekend as well! BillT I do have an appointment and am attending.
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