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Old 6th June 2011
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Default DoDMERB Appeals?

I was recently denied a medical waiver for AROTC by DoDMERB. I am aware that there is an appeals process, as mentioned in a previous post by Mr. Mullen. Could someone direct me to a resource that outlines this process, as well as any advice about how to go about this?

Before anyone asks, I have e-mailed Mr. Mullen about this, but he will be out of the office until 17 June.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Old 6th June 2011
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One of Mr. Mullen's last posts.

Folks wanting accurate and official replies may:

call 1-800-841-2706 from 7AM-4 PM, Mountain Time, Mon - Fri
---OR ---
you may email "helpdesk@dodmerb.tma.osd.mil" and receive responses during the same hours.

The DoDMERB staff is dedicated to making the DoDMERB process as seamless, frictionless, and hassle free as possible.
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Old 9th June 2011
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One thing we can tell you, as Larry Mullen has said it so many times before:

DODMERB does not make a waiver determination. It determines whether you meet or do not meet standards, and then forwards the information to the academy or program. The academy or program to which you are applying then decides whether to grant or deny the waiver.
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