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Old 24th June 2009
anonymousgoat anonymousgoat is offline
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Default What is Immediate Scholarsip Reservation(ISR)?

I went to a NROTC interview today, which went pretty well, and the officer gave me forms to fill out for a "NROTC Four-Year Immediate Scholarship Reservation(ISR) Contract." We talked about it some, and I have a vague notion that is is like a Service Academy LOA, however I don't understand it all too well. Anyone who really know what it is want to explain it to me?
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Old 25th June 2009
felixbed felixbed is offline
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The way it was explained to my son during his process was if your package was exemplary you could be offered a scholarship without going through the review board process. Essentially like the Academy's LOA. It sounds to me like you are in a very good position, congratulations.
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Old 12th July 2009
NROTCDAD55 NROTCDAD55 is offline
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Default ISR not applicable to Tier 3

Unless the Navy has changed its policy, the documents supporting an ISR expressly limit that great opportunity to T1 or 2 candidates. The appointing memo is on the web if you google NROTC ISR.
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Old 22nd July 2009
vonyay vonyay is offline
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Quick Question,

At my NROTC interview I was told my package may be sent for ISR consideration, and that the only thing to supersede an ISR obligation (if I were accepted for it) is an appointment to USNA. I asked if an appointment to USAFA would supersede an NROTC ISR scholarship and she did not know. Does anyone know is an appointment to USAFA would override NROTC ISR?
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Old 22nd July 2009
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Don't know, but if I was a betting woman I would say no, since the AFA belongs to the AF and even their ROTC scholarships are different, you are not connected to the college det for the scholarship, you apply to Maxwell and get to take it any college as long as Maxwell has that University on the list. I.E., DS could have taken it to Notre Dame or UMDCP, without ND or UMDCP's approval.
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