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  1. jimtodd72
    jimtodd72 SSBDMOM
    Have you or your son reached out to track/Cross Country coach Lawrence?He has grabbed 1 or 2 kids off the waiting list. He has a larger that usual class of new track athletes coming onboard so he may be tapped out but worth a try. What events does your son compete in and what timess does he have? Please don't mention me to coach because I don't want him thinking I'm shopping his info around.
    1. SSBDMOM
      My husband and I have stepped back and let our DS handle the whole process as USMMA told him they wanted kids who truly had their own desire to attend and not their parents'. I appreciate your response~ we'll reach out to coach today. Thanks for taking the time... we won't mention you!
      May 23, 2017 at 10:25 AM
  2. JamesMyBoy
  3. Pat Grecco
    Pat Grecco
    Yes, that is me, Blue and Gold for Long Island and currently Blue and Gold Officer for north Carolina
  4. hopefullyillbethere
  5. dad2kids
    dad2kids mom4boys
    Hotel Thayer on Mother's Day?
  6. redstrike
    redstrike xxmetal
    I would like to join group chat, not sure how to verify my appointment or if this is how you DM on the forum site :/
  7. Another2017hopeful
    Another2017hopeful beantown31
    Can you please tell me what you told hockeygirl about the changed login information?
  8. GoldenSun
    GoldenSun hdl160
    Yes to your PPL question. I can tell you why ....however search getting PPL and you will see. For one thing it helped with the nominations and will put you ahead of the competition, also your WCS you get points for a PPL same as class president.
    I can go on and on. However if I posted this on the main page you will see many people are clueless. Just do a search as stated above PM me with any questions....
  9. teddybear97
    teddybear97 flieger83
    Hello Sir,
    I am an USMMA appointee, I have long been deciding between flying for the Navy or the AF, while wanting to experience sailing at sea. I am also seeking for a MMA alumni who is/was commissioned in the AF and possibly fly in the AF to gain some advice. As if now, do you by any chance know if there's possibility for a KP graduate to be on active duty and receive a pilot slot in the AF ?
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    2. flieger83
      The big things that delay or disqualify folks for SUPT in the AF are: color vision test, depth perception, and uncorrected vision. Right now you need 20/20 uncorrected. That can, and has, changed over the years due to the needs of the AF.
      May 5, 2017
    3. teddybear97
      I current do not have a 20/20 visions but it's correctable. I am planning to do LASIK in the near future to resolve this eye vision problem. Some people have been telling me that all Arm Forces are currently in need of the female pilots, since I am a female, will I be in a better position? I'm just afraid that things will change in 4 years and they would no longer need as many pilots as they do now.
      May 8, 2017
    4. flieger83
      DO NOT DO IT!! If you have any corrective eye surgery before entering the USAF you will be permanently grounded; and there's no waiver. There is a process to have the AF select you and then they take care of everything. But do NOTHING on your own.
      May 8, 2017
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  10. LTpablo
    LTpablo cheska
    Hey, I see you're on ed delay for JAG. I know practically no one in the program so I'm kinda lost. How are you paying for school and living expenses? Did you take out the USAA career starter loan? I'm desperately in need of some answers. I commission this week and will be going to LSU Law this fall.
  11. cousmma5280
    cousmma5280 Spooky6243
    Contact them first thing Monday morning to let them know your intentions.
    Ask them to email you the Acceptance Form, Sign it, and FAX it back to them immediately.
    Then mail the Original (Keep a Copy) of it to them FedEx overnight.
  12. AF6872
    And such was the funeral rites of Hector Tamer of Horses
  13. classof2022
    classof2022 USNAMA2022hopefull
    Hello, i am unable to send a pm yet but will when i get the correct about of posts!
    1. USNAMA2022hopefull
      ok when you get a chance you respond.
      Apr 26, 2017
  14. Lovahboy222
    Perseverance + dedication = success
  15. Qmom
    Son had high slightly protein in urine and received a remedial. Took new urine test and protein was fine but High ph?
  16. Blessedmom
    Blessedmom goirish1
    Hello, congrats on Yale:) my older son attends USNA, son #2 will be a junior in fall & very interested in Yale & Rice. His qualifications are little better than his older bro at usna. How realistic is it getting into Yale? He will do nrotc officer interview with a LT at Yale, will that be helpful? Thank you!
  17. cousmma5280
    cousmma5280 kp2020mid
    Congratulations on your Recognition!
  18. Celts313
    Celts313 FastFood44
    Hi Fastfood44,
    I saw a thread that said you got a nrotc scholarship with a tier 3 major. I was wondering what your stats were and what you are majoring in.
    1. FastFood44
      Hi, majoring in Poli Science. My stats are:

      English/Math ACT superscore: 34
      Overall ACT Superscore: 31
      SAT: Did not take
      GPA Weighted: 3.75
      Apr 26, 2017
    2. FastFood44
      Honor Societies: English, Math, Art, Social Studies, and National Honor Society

      Extra circulars:
      -President of Student Body for Student Council
      -National Honor Society Vice President
      -Intern at United States House of Representatives
      -Editor in Chief of Yearbook
      -President of Junior States of America
      -Shift Manager at fast food place
      -450 Hours of community Service
      Apr 26, 2017
  19. navymz
    DD applied for the NROTC Scholarship for Nursing. Has anyone been awarded a 4 year for 2017?
  20. Mar3ko
    Please what's the meaning of alternative lists. Some one in USMA should help me out.