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  1. tecolote
    USN, MC (ret). Proud Dad of C3C USAFA
  2. FatPilot117
    Lexington South High School in Kentucky. Go Razorbacks!
  3. FBSenior
    My recruiter is pushing DEP saying it will help my NROTC app Is this true? I want to be a nuke engin. but have a college edu first. Advice ?
  4. acad321
    acad321 flieger83
    Thank you for your insights. My DS submitted his pre-application a little over a week ago. His status changed to "applicant" the next day. Do you know roughly how long it takes to progress to candidate status so he can start his application? Meanwhile, he's working on his nominations. Thx
    1. flieger83

      The applicant to candidate will be decided when they have looked at his package...if they think it's something they're really interested in, they'll "flip the switch" otherwise he'll have to wait like most folks, until he has a nomination. Nothing to worry about at this time.

      Are his numbers good?? SAT/ACT, GPA, etc??
      Aug 8, 2017
  5. truenorth
  6. America Works
    America Works
    Trying to stay focused, but distractions are everywhere.
  7. America Works
    America Works
    @jefelazo Not necessarily. Before you route it up, let your supervision know you're interested in USAFA and talk to your commander.
  8. MichaelW22
    "It seems to be a law of nature, inflexible and inexorable, that those who will not risk cannot win." -John Paul Jones
  9. YellowRoseofTexas
    YellowRoseofTexas seayieldstoknowledge
    Hello, I was wondering what you wanted to do in the CG that was transferrable to your desire to go into the Army?
  10. America Works
    America Works
    @jefelazo You have to route up through your chain of command. Give it your supervisor, they will help you out.
    1. jefelazo
      Thank you Sir. Do I have to wait until I become a "Candidate"? before routing it up?
      Aug 1, 2017
  11. jefelazo
    jefelazo America Works
    Hey man, I'm also applying for LEAD Program, I just sent my PCQ and I was wondering what is my next step aside from up-channeling the Form 1786? And when they say through your chain of command, do I turn it in to my supervisor, then they send it to the Commander? Saw some of your posts, I figured to ask the guy in the same process as me haha. Thank you very much!
  12. Kgrant19
    Hi all! I'm currently a rising junior and I want to go to USNA!! I am currently at a loss for what I should be doing this year and need help
    1. Kgrant19
      I already took the act in June and got a 27 overall but I wen into it completely blind because I was taking it so early. I have a 4.226 GPA and I went to Summer STEM this year. I also intend to apply for NASS and join the sea cadets. Lastly, I am in student council and I am an ambassador at my school. Any advice would be appreciated
      Jul 26, 2017
  13. blueandgold19
    C/2C, U Notre Dame, DET. 225, AFROTC
  14. America Works
    America Works
    Working on writing sample, second essay.
  15. America Works
    America Works
    Requested official transcripts from HS and colleges.
  16. NavyLady64
    NavyLady64 JaxNavyMom111
    Hi JaxNavyMom111 - saw your profile title and the VTCC reference and thought to reach out. We are from Jax and our daughter will be starting at VT in the fall in the NROTC program. If you want to connect, here's my email:
  17. saudia.shanklin96
    Any tips or advice for trying to get into the Air Force Academy?
  18. USNA_Dad2019
    BGO for East Jackson County, Mississippi
  19. curioscadet
    curioscadet MabryPsyD
    Sir, have a few questions in branching into MSC from ROTC esp. to 70D or 70B? I can't seem to pm you from your page, so if you can reach out to me I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  20. America Works
    America Works
    Working on my writing sample.