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  1. tatianaarias15
    tatianaarias15 techygirl
    Also here’s my email to send me the link :)
  2. tatianaarias15
    tatianaarias15 techygirl
    Hey can you add me to the chat? My instagram is @tinytati you can see my appointment there...
  3. thejrock
    Thank you so much! Keep me posted on how things are going for John! Looking forward to seeing you all at states!
  4. Lazyboy
    Lazyboy thejrock
    You were easy to find! Congrats to JJ again.

    Rob O.
  5. USNA2022CB
    USNA2022CB cb2022
    Plus I noticed your name has CB which kinda of scares me because I'm from CB too.
  6. USNA2022CB
    USNA2022CB cb2022
    Did you hear anything back from USNA?
  7. USNA2022CB
    USNA2022CB 2022mom
    Do you know what cingressional districts your from? I'm trying to find out what districts have gotten appointments so far.
  8. insanity8931
    insanity8931 NavyNOLA
    Hi do you know when the nrotc board is?
    If i submitted my package today, when can i expect to hear back?
  9. lknelson
    lknelson techygirl
    hello! can you email me ( the info to join the gm so i dont have to post 6 or so times? i can also send u whatever u need through that
  10. Rescue#1
    Rescue#1 cfj2022
    Congratulations on appointment!! Just wondering if you received a phone call from MOC or saw update on portal?
  11. USNA2022CB
    USNA2022CB techygirl
    I am an applicant to the class of 2022, I have not heard back yet but would like to join the chat for the mean while. Thank you!
    1. techygirl
      Hey USNA2022CB, for safety reasons the group only allows people with appointments so I am unable to add you at the moment:( However, let me know if you hear back--good luck!!
      Feb 15, 2018 at 9:11 PM
  12. AFROTC Help
    AFROTC Help MullenLE
    Good Morning Director Mullen,
    DoDMERB has disqualified me for a "current condition of glaucoma" of which I do not have. I am going up for a waiver soon and in desperate need of guidance. Any insight you have into this process would be greatly appreciated. My email address is Thank you very much, sir.
  13. schpenny
    schpenny wildblueyonder
    if you can get it approved, that would be great. i'll make a couple of posts so I can pm you my #. thank you.
  14. wildblueyonder
    wildblueyonder schpenny
    Hi! I think I will be around on Friday from about 4pm onwards if you all would like to meet then. I will have to get approval before I know for sure, though. Hope you have a great evening!
  15. schpenny
    schpenny wildblueyonder
    We are going to take the regular tour Thurs that runs from 2-4.30pm. We could try and meet before or get together on Friday if it works for your schedule. He has wanted to follow a cadet around for part of a day to get a taste of what your daily life entails. I understand you are busy so we can work around your schedule. If it doesn't work at all, it is not a problem, thanks wildblue.
  16. wildblueyonder
    wildblueyonder schpenny
    schpenny, thanks for your message! Unfortunately I'm not able to PM you either until you get five posts, so I'll respond here in the hopes that you'll see it. Thursday may be a bit tough due to airfield duties I have that morning/afternoon...what time were you hoping to meet?
  17. schpenny
    schpenny wildblueyonder
    Hi wildblue, I just saw your post concerning appointee tours. My son has an appointment, and we have yet to tour USAFA. We have a normal tour scheduled for Thursday. I know it is short notice, but is there anyway you could meet us and get your version of the appointee tour? We will be in town Thursday and Friday. Please PM me (this is my first post here, so it won't let me PM you) when you see this. Thank you.
  18. beachcomber70
    beachcomber70 techygirl
    Hi techygirl,
    think i have made the requisite # of posts...can you try PM ing me?
  19. MOMUSNA22
  20. beachcomber70
    beachcomber70 Capt MJ
    Capt MJ, is there a way to DM you with a question? longer than the 400 odd characters the profile posts allows!