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  1. George Thomas Usher
  2. Flaco19
    Flaco19 prospective2019
    Hey could you add me to the 2023 West Point group?
    1. prospective2019
      Hello, once you get the required number of posts and are able to PM, shoot me a message and I'll send you the link to join.
      May 21, 2018 at 12:00 AM
  3. Tptb518
    USAFA 2023 hopeful
  4. RickD_USAF
    RickD_USAF flieger83
    ARC question. Can I PM you?
  5. 2021LTWP
    Looking for 3 rooms at the Thayer Aug 17-20.
  6. ginapenny
    What day is he arriving?
  7. Sargon
    Sargon Cblue
    I would be sure to interview with the ROTC department that is at the school that you want to go to. Even if it's a far drive or flight I think it's worth it. Like everyone else said, your SAT need to improve. KHAN academy and/or a prep class can help. Use your time wisely this summer and crush that SAT. If you need any specific advice let me know. My DS was fortunate and did get a 4 year AROTC scholarship.
  8. carriedez
    carriedez ginapenny
    I saw that you are going out to summer seminar with your child. My son is flying into Denver and we are searching for a ride for him. do you have room?
  9. Paul111
    USNA 2022
  10. Armydog
    USMA 2022 Family
  11. alphanovember2023
    alphanovember2023 prospective2019
    Hello, I am new to this forum and I would like to join the class of 2023 group me, but when I click on the link, it gives me an error. I will
    be applying to West Point and Navy. Thank you.
  12. Firemetal
    Firemetal Mateob
    As with thegrippos I have a record of arthritis. I was hoping that you would share your circumstances, so I could know how to maximize my chances of a waiver. FYI I'm trying for active duty enlistment not service academy, but you're the only person whose gotten an arthritis waiver that I've seen.
  13. AnthonyWayne
    AnthonyWayne GoArmy2022
    Same as westpoint22user. I did 5 posts, but I do not know how to pm. Would love to be in the group chat!
  14. Jgbmom
    Proud Mom of a 2016 USMA Grad - Marion Military Institute Preparatory Program Fan
  15. westpoint22user
    westpoint22user GoArmy2022
    Hey, I just accepted my appointment, but I dunno how to pm you for the link. Do you know how to do this? Thanks
  16. Yassim95
  17. NeedstoKnow
    My son is entering West Point this year. Looking to connect with other families that are going through what my son and I are
  18. mrfritz44
    mrfritz44 wildblueyonder57
    I saw you received your appointment so first of all congratulations!. My DD recently received hers as well and your application histories were so similar I thought she was posting on this site incognito.My daughter is also a swimmer who was flagged for inhaler use and she had to work through a nerve racking waiver process. Maybe you two will see each other on the swim team next year....good luck!
  19. Ohio_mom
    I am a faculty member at a large Public University. Our son graduated from The Air Force Academy and the education he received was the best
  20. usafa/2022
    usafa/2022 airforce89
    Has your counselor contacted you after you revealed to them your mistake?
    1. airforce89
      They have. They told me they passed it on to those in charge of this stuff to determine a result and the next steps. Haven't heard anything else though.
      Apr 25, 2018