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  1. Jarus
    DS received LOA from USMMA Monday and could not be happier!! Needs nomination at this time.
  2. Falcon A
    Falcon A
    USAFA '83 Grad, Retired AF O-6 & Proud Dad of a VMI Cadet, Class of '19, AROTC 4-yr scholarship winner, VMI Rugby Team, Branching Aviation!
  3. JD011001
    JD011001 Air Force7
    I will be back in Colorado (Highlands Ranch) next week and can mail it to you then. Or we can meet somewhere if you live close to Denver area.
    1. Air Force7
      Air Force7
      I go to school in Highlands Ranch, I think we could meet up there?
      Nov 14, 2018 at 7:19 PM
  4. hunterthehulk
    Proud candidate for the class of 2023. -Jocko 23'
  5. FutureMarine07
    FutureMarine07 Airplane girl
    I'm considering joining CAP this summer. Could you tell me a little about what it's like?
  6. tenomensjewelry
  7. ctmcgrath
  8. gingertea
    USNA Class of 2022. Beat Army!!
  9. Air Force7
    Air Force7
    Just patiently waiting for the BFE. AFA class of 2026 (Hopefully). Yup, I'm a freshman in high school.
  10. Markterriantonino
    Mark & Terri Antonino
  11. 4Books
    4Books Motorguy
    Thank you for the reply you sent regarding waivers in the DoDMERB Concern thread. Our situation worked out. My DS is now waiting to complete his MOC interviews over the next two weekends. Again, thank you.
    1. Motorguy
      Great news and best of luck on his interviews.
      Oct 31, 2018
  12. CatDog99
    New member from Amman JO.
  13. Johnathan
    Parent of NROTC Class' 19 and USNA Class' 21 and '22
  14. Johnathan
    Parent of USNA Class' 21 and '22
  15. Johnathan
    Parent of NROTC Recipient Class'19
  16. MJ2020
    MJ2020 SAparent2023
    It came in the mail in Aug or Sept
  17. MJ2020
    MJ2020 SAparent2023
    Trying to attach a picture of the envelopes for you. It self address no postage necessary.
  18. rjgetler
    Applying to USNA for Class of 2023
  19. Monarchs'19
    Keep roaring ... success will be yours!
  20. bronze267
    bronze267 hopefulbear
    I am a NROTC ISR candidate, and my interview with a CO will be next week. I came upon an old forum in 2016 about you getting into Yale. I am not sure if you ended up attending Yale, but since Yale is my top choice on the NROTC application, I would love to talk about your experience there (if you attended)!
    P.S. I just made an account on this forum, so I am not able to start private conservations yet sorry!