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    The Big Slides
    West Point candidate for the Class of 2024
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    A1Janitor MomAF
    It isn’t! I’m not sure why you can’t send a private message with 5 posts.
  3. MomAF
    MomAF A1Janitor
    Hi this is AF Mom, I am not sure if this is a private message
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  5. benlew1s
    Awarded NROTC ISR USNA 23 Candidate
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  15. CoastieHistory
    CoastieHistory cadetcandidatemum
    I just saw your post on the appointment thread and was wondering what district you are from. I just received my appointment yesterday in NY as well.
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  20. lollipop249
    I play sports outside of school, but not competitively. Will not having varsity letters impact my appointment? I rly want to go to USNA/USMA