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  1. allmelbelec
    Industrial Electrical Contractors
  2. kpdadwannabe
    Officially a KP dad. :)
  3. visualcom
  4. harneybrayden
    Zib Media- Digital Marketing Melbourne firm provides a digital marketing strategy.
  5. Hope C.
  6. northernhouse
  7. Jen2277
    Applying for C/O '24
  8. banjoppd
    banjoppd teamkidd
    Is your son a sponsored prep or a self prep for USMMA? Did he play while at NNMI? If he did not how did he stay in football shape?
  9. USMA2025Cadet
    Sophomore in High School... looking towards a career in the Army or Air Force to serve our country as an Officer.
  10. Sargon
    Sargon Hopeful_Dad
    If you have any specific questions I'd be glad to help. Your son looks like a strong candidate. USMMA is a great school and life plan. My son ended up declining his appointment and went to VMI but I would've gone to USMMA for sure. I love the water and he, not so much. Good luck!
  11. Sargon
    Sargon keysmom
    My son got the TWE last year (about 50% with 3Q get one) and received a 4 year ROTC scholarship. It is rare and a very good deal. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
  12. enkramer
    enkramer flieger83
    Can you please direct me to how I go about changing my user name? Is there a way to delete account and start over?
    1. flieger83
      You'd need to contact TacticalNuke...the site owner, and speak with him.
      May 2, 2019
  13. enkramer
    enkramer buff81
    How do I get my user name changed? Or is there a way to delete my membership and start over?
    1. buff81
      Ask TacticalNuke - this administrator of this site.
      May 2, 2019
  14. kevintanaka
    United States Naval Academy and Navy SEAL prospect! God Bless America!
  15. HIONRI
    HIONRI EmperorQin
    Three year later. How is it going?
  16. Tigerrunnermom
    Tigerrunnermom ERAU_NROTC_CLASS_OF_2023
    My son, Dylan will be an electrical engineering major with NROTC at ERAU and also attending second session of NSI. He also wants to be a Naval aviator. He’s not on this board but I showed him your message about a potential roommate and he asked that I pass along his information. You can contact him at dylankoch31@gmail.comb
  17. Walman888
    Walman888 enkramer
    No worries at all, this forum prevents new messaging from members until they have a minimum number of posts etc. Don't hesitate with any questions! The two links earlier are good resources. This annual shoe shortage is common.
  18. Walman888
  19. enkramer
    enkramer Walman888
    Haven't figured out how to PM on here yet, but I'd appreciate any vendor info for Durashocks you could forward to
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  20. latoyakeys
    I received a disqualification on my DODMBER for D190.50 history of malignancy. Since 2015 I have been cancer free; can I get a waiver?