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  2. usna81P-3pilot
    usna81P-3pilot flieger83
    Sir, I am having great difficulty getting Navy Personnel Command to recognize that the DIEMS for service academy grads is the date we entered the service academy and not the date we graduated. Can you tell me where to find this in Title 10 USC?
    1. flieger83
      Ouch...that's a's what you'll find in Title 10: service as a cadet/midshipman does NOT count for military retirement, but can be counted as military service in certain cases (you go to work for the post office or another government service agency). The DIEMS may or may not be the same across the services.
      Sep 14, 2019 at 2:10 AM
    2. usna81P-3pilot
      This information is on the website Click "Pay" then scroll to the bottom of the drop-down menu and click "retirement". Then scroll to the section titled "Retired Pay Base. I just cannot find the reference document.
      Sep 14, 2019 at 11:35 AM
    3. usna81P-3pilot
      Look at the section titled "Retired Pay Base"
      Sep 14, 2019 at 11:38 AM
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    new admissions partner, I plan to attend service academy night at OCC, I will plan to see you there! Heather Winders, I live in Syracuse.
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    Shellee Marion
    Will there need to be more detail for DoDMerb?
  15. Shellee Marion
    Shellee Marion
    My son is applying to the USNA. A past condition from having mono crept up, which was titled RESOLVED and DISCHARGED 2016.
  16. Gilbert teague12345
    Gilbert teague12345 fundocs
    My son was denied to air force due to a old knee injury. He is healthy run and works out daily. His recruiter texted and said he was permanently denied. We have been told to get MRI and dr. Note. Would that help
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    KPButterflyer Mr2020
    How was ring dance this year
    1. Mr2020
      Lol dude I graduated in June this year, I was actually class of '19
      Sep 7, 2019
  19. FFJ2002
    FFJ2002 flieger83
    DS is fairly far in both USNA and USAFA processes. This CFA was submitted to USNA because they allow for multiple submissions (i.e. they will take an improved score if you want to keep improving). Upon request by the candidate, they will share your CFA with the other SA. Our understanding is USAFA only allows one submission (or maybe a second chance if they want you). It was a formal CFA.
  20. FFJ2002
    FFJ2002 flieger83
    Did CFA recently with the following:
    BB - 73
    Pullups - 12
    Shuttle - 8.6
    Situps - 95
    Pushups - 65
    Mile - 7:07 (best time is 6:35)
    Are the scores above worth submitting to the Air Force Academy? If you do it all again and get worse in other categories but a better mile time how do you decide which score to submit?
    1. flieger83
      They're not bad!

      Okay, so here's the critical question: who did you do this for? Just you and a coach, or for one of the SA's? I ask because USAFA won't ask for your scores until you're fairly far in the process. Who you did this for will help shape my answer.
      Aug 11, 2019