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    SOAS and Special Ops

    My son was selected for SOAS last year as a 2/C MID. At 10PM the night before he was supposed to leave for his flight to Mini-Buds, the Seal command called and said due to COVID they were cancelling it. USMMA had about 5-7 Mids who were in the SOAS pipeline. One member of 2021 was given a BUD/s...
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    Class of 2026 Application Questions

    If you can, get a recommendation by military officer like a ROTC or family. On your essay, indicate why you want to go to USMMA such as you want to sail and your personal history of boating/sailing etc. Possibly being inspired by a family/friend Navy veteran. Also helps, you indicate you are a...
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    USMMA Class of 2025 Appointment Thread

    There used to be a page that you declared yes or no you acceptance that you had to fax back. Best advice is to email admissions your decision and follow up with a phone call ASAP.
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    USMMA Portal Problems

    If you have been accepted to the Class of 2025, stay off the admissions portal website. Your done with it. The last thing you will have to do is give admissions your final transcripts from college.
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    Running Shoes/ Watch Selection

    New Balance New Balance Men's 680v6 Cushioning Running Shoe
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    Asking the experts

    My son has destroyed 2 cheap G-shocks over the past 4 years. The last one I bought has the metal wrist band, water resistant, atomic, and is solar powered. It was great when he was on board ship because it automatically changed time zones.
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    USMMA Class of 2025 Appointment Thread

    There is facebook private group for all you new parents located at "Kings Point Parents" where parents with current Mids can help answer your questions.
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    Asking the experts

    The towel is because once you make your bed, you probably will never sleep under the covers as it takes too long to remake in the morning. Plebes typically put a sheet on top of the bed and then use a large towel as a blanket until the get more privileges.
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    Asking the experts

    1) Gifts? Cash, your Mid will get an opportunity to open an Navy Federal Credit Union account on campus. Plebes don't have many privileges. 2) Sneakers? Two pair - white/blue/gray - no crazy colors. 3) Boots will be issued 4) Watch - definitely - black G-shock is a good one 5) Eye Glasses - two...
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    Does USMMA offer any aviation related programs?

    SNA - or Student Naval Avaitors at Pensacola still have to go through NIFE regardless if they already have their PPL. If you want to go Naval Avaition, you can elect to join a aircraft carrier during Sea Year and do a Navy flight internship to increase your chances.
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    USMMA Class of 2025 Appointment Thread

    Parents group posted this today.
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    Black Flag

    The class of 2021 wanted to recognize the class of 2024 weeks ago however the Admiral won't allow it to happen. The class of 21 wants to turn over command so they can focus on studying for the Coast Guard exams.
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    How do KP midshipman commission army?

    There is a US Army officer on campus that coordinates midshipmen's training (Air Assault, Airborne, USA commissions, etc). I know past Mids who went Infantry, Engineer, Aviation.
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    Citadel Report Date

    Make sure you are doing push ups, running, and sit ups daily!!
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    Prepping for the plebe killer classes

    My son had about 17 AP credits and only 3 credits were able to transfer -- English Composition I think.