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    Representative nominations

    Our son applied to our two US state senators and could not even get an interview. He only applied to our local US state Rep and was given an interview. It was conducted by military officers from various branches and they gave their recommendations to the Rep. Our son got the USMMA nomination...
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    USMMA Class of 2021 - Navy Active Duty Service Assignment Day

    Update: One offered EOD 1190 One offered SEAL 1180 One offered Supply Corps 3100 About 4 offered Cryptologic Warfare 1810
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    Question for Current Students or Alumni

    Don't focus on Indoc as much as Calculus and Physics. Those two courses are very important. There are reviews available to help prep you for those classes online.
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    USMMA Class of 2021 - Navy Active Duty Service Assignment Day

    USMMA Class of 2021 - Navy Active Duty Service Assignment Day Today, USMMA seniors in the class of 2021 who applied for active duty US Navy upon graduation found out what service they were offered. About 33 Midshipmen were offered active duty Navy commissions. All who applied recevied an...
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    Midshipman Packing List and US Navy Carrier Cruise FAQ

    This may be helpful for midshipman heading out for sea year on a US Navy carrier. Midshipman son spent several months on a carrier this past year and put this FAQ together. NOTES FOR MIDSHIPMEN SERVING SEA TIME ON US NAVY CARRIER Attention: you have limited storage space, you will have room...
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    Sea Year / Sea Bag

    What we did was lay out all the gear and used a check list to make sure everything was packed properly. It seemed like his Sea Year project/computer stuff weighed as much as his sea bag. LOL.
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    Sea Year / Sea Bag

    On our son's first sea year trip, he used a large suit case. His second year, he used a large sea bag and soft sided bags for his computer/course work. You really have zero room to store hard suitcases and they are difficulty to drag up gangways. Pro Tip: Go on youtube and learn how to...
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    How to Best Prepare for a USMMA Nomination Interview

    I would recommend doing a google news search on USMMA events and US Navy current events. Have a just a few bullet points of things to discuss if asked your opinions or plans. This will show that you are motivated and informed.
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    No Air Force from USMMA this Year

    The actual mission of the school includes 'national security'
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    Auto Insurance Premium adjustment now that kid has left the nest for KP?

    Our son will be a senior. Having a car their first 2 years is not really a necessity. They don't get to leave campus all to often. I signed him up for Uber and he was able to us public transport for all his travel needs.
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    Final High School Grades and Distance Learning

    My son graduated high school late in June and his final grades were not available until he had to report to Indoc. I contacted the admissions office for him and told them that. I had to go to high school and have them mail his final grades while he was already at USMMA.
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    midshipmen returning!

    When our son arrived at his last ship, he had to follow a COVID plan for Maersk. Similar requirements for PPE while traveling to join the ship, quarantined meals, separated from crew for 2 weeks, and requirement to wear a facemask while working. Zero problems with illness on the ship. No port...
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    midshipmen returning!

    There is a lot of hysteria and paranoia right now but there is a good plan in place to return midshipmen and graduate the senior class. The US Naval Academy has already brought back their senior class in preparation for graduation. The world did not end. Also, West Point which is a military...
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    Random Question

    Our son is one of those selected for Navy Seal Officer Selection. He has maxed out the SEAL PT test several times and works out daily getting ready.