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    Combat Boot Reqs

    I'm a 3 dig at USAFA and about to upgrade boots to something lighter and more breathable than the issued boots. Does anyone know the specific requirements for ABU boots at the Academy? The CSP just says that they need to be Sage Green, but that's about all I can find. I'm thinking about...
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    Calendar Question

    What are the actual dates of the break periods for 2010 (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break)?
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    Class of 2014 Statistics

    Has anyone posted any info on how many applicants applied/how many were accepted for the Class of 2014?
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    Cadet Drum and Bugle Corps/ Jazz Ensemble

    Does anyone have the email address for the director, Mr. William Smith?
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    Shaving Issues/ Grad Gift Idea

    So there isn't any way to charge electric razors at Jacks?
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    Cadet Drum and Bugle Corps/ Jazz Ensemble

    Thanks for the post! It sounds like a nice way to escape a little bit of 4* year!
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    Online Spanish Placement Test

    Well that will be a fun waste of an hour and a half!
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    Online Spanish Placement Test

    Just to be sure...I am still required to take the placement test although the only language class I had during high school was Spanish 2 my freshman year?
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    Cadet Drum and Bugle Corps/ Jazz Ensemble

    Just a few questions: How competitive is the jazz ensemble? I have played all throughout high school but I don't know how I will stack up with a bunch of other talented musicians especially competing for a spot in the rhythm section. In regards to the D&B Corp, how involved is the marching and...
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    Air Force Jobs and Majors

    This is a very interesting breakdown of the careers. Does anyone have any clue about how many 2011's applied for flight positions/how many were rejected? I think I have heard that it is usually just a little over half the class that even wants flying positions.
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    Falcon Scholar Question

    I agree with Roman from what I have been told. Rec letters, essays and ALO interviews are not needed. The prep school WILL fill out a form I think (based on the candidate's performance), which is then evaluated by the director of admissions at the Academy. Also the DODMERB does not need to...
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    Sunglasses at the AFA

    Pima, just fyi...I was fully qualified last year and recieved a Falcon Foundation Scholarship...hoping to be in c/o 2014! Thanks for your suggestion!
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    Sunglasses at the AFA

    Thats a cool site, thanks! Anyone else have any ideas?
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    Sunglasses at the AFA

    How strictly is this enforced? "Conservative ornamentation on frames and lenses. Authorize conservative ornamentation on non-prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses, frames may be black or brown material or gold or silver wire. Brand name glasses may be worn with small logo on frames or...
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    Falcon Scholar Question - Teacher recommendations

    Which prep school is he going to? They all have different policies. Bottom line: If he has really good relationships with his teachers from high school, there is no reason why he shouldn't ask for a letter of recommendation. Many of the prep school teachers will write letters of...