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  • AFrpaso, I would like advice on applying to the AFA through the LEAD Program. If you have time, please reach out to me.
    AFrpaso, I was reading your forums regarding the LEAD program & Prep school and would like to have more info and your suggestions in applying and creating the best package possible

    I'm a first term airmen looking to apply for the 2018 year. Thank you
    Hi- I am wondering if you might have time for a quick private email or call... I'm a freelance writer working on a piece and am interested in your perspective. Is there a way to get in touch?
    Sorry, you'll need to contact he Air Force Academy's Public Affairs office for any statements.
    Hi sir, Im a first term airman looking to apply for the 2017 year. Im kind of confused as to where to start in my package. My BTZ board is not until november of this year. I have a ton of questions, if you are available.
    Hey I was reading your forums regarding the LEAD program & Prep school and I'd like to email you personally about it more and ask you questions.
    Hey there, I was wondering if there is a way I can email you as to ask you questions about the Air Force Lead Program. I've read your comments around the site and I feel that you are a great source and seem very knowledgeable on the application process.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post a new document.
    I appreciate your help with this. One other question regarding the Standard form 86. My son completed that document (127 pages today) but made an error on page 4. He put all of the countries he has visited over the past 7 years here, but that was not the correct place to input that information. That question was referencing travel with a foreign passport (I think) and my son tried to delete the 6 countries here, but the form won't allow the deletion. Everyone in our family tried to delete the mis-entry, but nobody was successfu. Have any suggestions? Thanks, batmom
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