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    AROTC Advance Camp and Basic Camp dates

    Thanks Mohawk! Any idea what happened to Regiments 6 and 7 in Basic Camp? My DS was scheduled for Reg 6....looks like he may be getting a new date
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    AROTC Undergrad timeline to graduate

    DS submitted his 104-R as required for contracting. Obviously, things change as college moves forward, and I'm sure there's a process to change/update. One question I have (and he doesn't know yet): what happens if a student needs an additional semester to graduate? Back in the day, I think...
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    AROTC DQ'ed???

    How late did you wait to send in your acceptance letter? If you cut it close, and they didn't receive it in time, that might have done it. Did you send in your acceptance letter with any sort of tracking # or proof of signature required? If so, be sure to have that handy as you talk with Cadet...
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    Did he tell you which unit, or which military base he is going to? The day after CLC graduation will be very tight....hopefully he'll have time to do laundry! Is your question about what CTLT is, or about the travel/orders? Back in the day, I flew round trip to my CTLT from the airport...
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    Good News! And Bad News...

    Congrats! Same question: which SMC? The smaller schools offer Merit Scholarships, basically, a "discount" to the sticker price based on GPA/SAT...I'd be shocked if you didn't qual for one of those. A&M doesn't do that, and your 1st year sounds like A&M's out of state tuition.....however, the...
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    Army ROTC 3rd Scholarship Board Results

    Your welcome senior 2K17....way to persevere!
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    Texas A&M ROTC Dorms - link to photos?

    Here's the link to the Aggie Corps...great info. The facilities tab gives you and idea of corps housing, but no clear dorm pic. If I see one i'll post it for you.
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    Texas A&M ROTC Dorms - link to photos?

    Hey BBNC, I'm actually an Aggie graduate, class of '89. I can tell you a couple of things: 1) A&M is a Senior Military College, one of just a handful. It's a "full time" Corps of Cadets, of which ROTC is just a part of the story; 2) TCU is a fine school, and it's ROTC program is like the...
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    They will kick me out, right?

    Jga12, just did Dodmerb determine you had ADHD? I assume you passed the Dodmerb before contracting, didn't they review your medical history? Something new come up?
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    Switching ROTC Scholarship from One School to Another

    In the offer letter was a set of instructions, conditions, etc. I believe these covered the basics of transferring BEFORE you report to school. I suggest you read them closely to understand the process. It's fairly straight forward, but also needs to be done soon. I believe last year, the...
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    DS has been cleared by Ortho Surgeon

    That's GREAT NEWS! So happy for your family this turned out well. Your original thread became something of a "teachable moment" in our household. My DS was a 1st board scholarship kid this year, and is a big snowboarder (we leave near Mt. Hood in Oregon). I'm happy to say that he took your...
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    Cadet Command "Contact Us"

    That's really DS and I used it multiple times for both technical and process questions....typically got an email response within 1 week. I recommend calling. There is contact number that you can find on the online Application, or you can go to their website and find it. Make sure...
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    Where is Everyone Taking Their ROTC Scholarship?!?!?! (Any Branch)

    My DS earned a 4 Year AROTC Scholarship, is going to Pacific Lutheran. Between grades, football and ROTC he's going to be a busy dude!
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    3 Year GPA Requirement

    You take Military Science classes each of your first 4 years, which will be during both your Fall and Spring semester (usually a classroom event and a "lab" event each semester). Not sure how many credit hours...maybe 2 for your Fr/So year, and 3 for your Jr/Sr year? Anyway, you get a grade...
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    Eczema DQ

    Congrats fro you DS ROTC parent - fantastic outcome. After reading so many "eczema horror stories" I so happy this worked out for your family!