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    Reapplicant Questions

    As a 2024 reapplicant, I’d recommend waiting until later in the semester/ year to write them. I opened my application as soon as I was able to and my due date was 1/31/20. I think the due date is different for reapplicants because they have to submit their final transcripts.
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    Teacher Evaluation

    What I ended up doing is downloading the pdf that is found on your portal and just emailing it directly to each teacher.
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    College Re application question

    For me only my medical and standardized scores got transferred.
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    Standardized Tests & College Re application

    I was told this last year when I called. My counselor said it’s because I didn’t win my district and I was beaten so she said to improve my scores. I went to a community college and I stayed local so maybe that’s why it was a little easier to retake the tests, but I studied all summer and took...
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    When to Contact ALO

    I talked on the phone with my ALO when I received appointment and we said we’d stay in contact, especially since I don’t come from a military background, he’d be a good resource for me.
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    SAT/GPA Prep scores

    As golden-tic dad said, I got a USAFA prep school offer.
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    Database sync

    They do a sync overnight everyday.
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    Rejected from USNA

    Hannah, as a successful college reapplicant to the USAFA, I was in the exact same shoes as you last year, except I had applied to USAFA. I was devastated and had 0 motivation, but I realized the academy was what I really wanted and I picked my head up and asked myself what am I going to do to...
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    SAT/GPA Prep scores

    Yes sir, I didn’t do so good in chemistry which is the reason ( I think) I didn’t get offered a direct appointment because I was also a principal nominee.
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    SAT/GPA Prep scores

    HS GPA (recalculated one): 3.97 College GPA: 3.07 SAT: 1220 (630 Math 590 English) ACT: 24
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    Resume Format

    Mine was 2 pages long and I got a principal nominee. Of course the resume itself isn’t going to get you the principal nominee but I’m sure it helps. Good luck!
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    Preparation for R-Day (Prep school)

    College Reapplicant, 1220 sat 24 act (I didn’t like act) College GPA: 3.07 (got a D in chemistry which ruined my chances of getting in because I had a principal nominee, still happy for prep offer) highschool gpa: 3.97 32 out of 403. Keep your hopes up! I got the offer 3/10
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    USNA CLASS OF 2024 Update-List-Yourself APPOINTMENTS

    I just want to see people update the list with their appointment offers 🙄
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    Preparation for R-Day (Prep school)

    I was just recently offered a USAFA prep school slot and I was reading the 2020 appointee booklet and I came across the medical FAQ section and it read "If I don’t have my wisdom teeth removed before I get to the Preparatory School, does that disqualify me? No. If you are planning to have a...
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    USAFA Prep 2021

    1) Verdugo3 / DS / October 2019 / Accepted / ?? / ?? 2) AFBoyMom / DS / 10 Jan 2020 / Accepted / GA / Direct Entry 3) Aldo.dector / Self / 10 March 2020 / Accepted / CA / College Re-Applicant 4) saclutter / DD / Dec / Accepted / ?? / ?? 5) brightfulfuture / Self / 4 Mar 2020 / Accepted / ?? / ...