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    BAH after graduation?

    We got "travel BAH" which was about $600 plus dollars until we reported to BOLC. If your BOLC is considered a PCS (like Infantry and I believe Armor may be as well) then you get BAH for that location of your BOLC (the pay won't begin until the paperwork goes through so you will get back pay for...
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    United Airline denied free checked-in bag for cadet

    It was definitely that individual worker. I carry a copy of the regulation and ask for a supervisor if you still get any trouble. Similar story: I had a cashier at a PX initially refuse to sell to me in clothing sales because my CAC was not good enough. I found it funny at the time because I...
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    Branch Selection

    There hasn't really been enough time to see the results of the new system and I'm sure, like anything, new it could do with some adjustments but I believe it's a step in the right direction. Compare it to admissions. Does West Point weigh every high school GPA the same? No, because some are...
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    Removing Wisdom Teeth Prior to R-Day

    I recommend getting them done while at West Point. It will be free and you can do it anytime during the 4 years. If recovering home is an issue, get it done prior to Summer Leave or another extended break. I got it done as a cadet and after a week was back to normal. The chance of any...
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    Daily Cadet Life?

    Yes, if you don't have a duty (such as a mandatory football game) then you can leave after your last duty of the week and return by recall at 1900 the day prior to classes. This means you get more bang for your buck using your passes on long weekend, especially the first couple of years when...
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    Branch Selection, Infantry Slots

    Yeah, with a major like you describe, perhaps becoming a Foreign Areas Officer would be a possibility. I don't know enough the steps to becoming one. Perhaps Scout can chime in as well as other functional areas which I am forgetting which would take you away from your typical branch career path...
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    Branch Selection, Infantry Slots

    With the new branching system, it's hard to tell. I am not sure if they will be updating the "needs" of each branch and if so, how often that will occur. You should just pick the major that interests you and not try to find which major gives you a "bonus" for aviation. This year, the First...
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    Paid tickets to military training?

    Did you verify that information? Unless it has changed, West Point will not pay any money if they are providing a bus because they are not paying for individual tickets and instead are renting the entire bus. Therefore, they pay the same amount whether you go or not. That is the way it was when...
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    Paid tickets to military training?

    I don't see how this is any different than what the "real" Army does. If your HOR is Texas but you are stationed in Fort Benning in the "real" Army, for example, and you choose to go on leave to Texas, the Army is not going to pay for your trip to any training you may have from anywhere other...
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    What courses do plebes take?

    You could take it first or second semester during the first or second half of either semester. The gym classes are assigned randomly like that. Don't worry about boxing, it's considerably safer than it used to be. Just don't get paired up with someone on the boxing team. :wink:
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    Prior enlisted at Beast

    Death dealers?
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    Minimum Summer Leave?

    Anything lower than 14 days or higher than 31 requires approval. Cadets typically do 2 assignments every Summer so it will depend on the length of those. Most of the time, the leave is broken up into pieces but it is possible to end up with one big break.
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    Fall Semester Grades

    Exactly. If you can get overwhelmed and not be able to manage time to pass a class in HS, then the same thing can happen while at the Academy. Many people are being separated without second chances in academics due to downsizing now and "I just needed more time to understand and I'm a good...
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    High school graduation ceremony

    Retired graduates are authorized to wear their uniforms so as long as they haven't discarded it, they are a viable option. JROTC and ROTC instructors in the area may be more than willing to do it if you contact them and they are graduates. Contacting WPAOG could be another option. :thumb: I...
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    Questionable actions.

    Quoted for emphasis. I was almost disqualified from branching Aviation due to a false diagnosis 9 years ago. It never impacted my life and I had completely forgotten about it but simply because it was on paper it came up to haunt me 9 years later.