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    Earthquake in haiti

    This is a concise explanation and list of the U.S. military assets that have been committed to the Haiti disaster relief. The links at the end will take you to articles with more details. From the article:
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    Questions Thread

    Hey, AF, you are a guy, right?! There is a great old thread over at CC, and maybe here, on the short hair/long hair conundrum for females at West Point. Try the search feature.....this topic comes up every year. You can also ask current cadets here...
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    Army-Navy Time!

    Congrats, Navy!
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    Army-Navy Time!

    Watching and loving the score. :biggrin:
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    Army-Navy Time!

    Funny picture! Trixie has a great sense of humor...she must be an Army fan. :biggrin:
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    Army-Navy Time!

    What does Barry have to do with the Army Navy game? :confused: Since you do jovial but not funny :wink:, Max, maybe you and our other sea soaked friends will enjoy seeing a news clip about the Game:
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    Army-Navy Time!

    Hey, Maximus, did you read the name of this thread? :biggrin: Is Navy's sense of humor as rusty as its ships? Watch this: Sure is looking like Army is way ahead on this thread. :yllol: GO Army! Sink Navy!
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    Army-Navy Time!

    Chuck Norris Great story, JAM! Chuck Norris says:
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    bball throw?

    Regulation men's basketball, both knees on the floor. There is a video? Here are a couple of links, the USMA one shows a picture of the position for the BBall throw.
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    Vote!!!! Bill the goat

    Oh's Bill the Goat vs. The Dawg! Someone's Bill vote was just canceled. :biggrin:
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    Nat guard Mom in custody battle

    That is how I see it, too.
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    Nat guard Mom in custody battle

    NYT Women at Arms series Specialist Mendoza's story is a difficult one. I hope she finds resolution. This New York Times series tells the compelling story of all women in the military.
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    CFA score

    CFA average scores You and your son may find the CFA maximum and average scores to be a useful comparison to your son's scores. The average scores for men and women are reported in this document, page one: Sorry, I could not copy...
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    Administering the CFA

    CFA Instructions link Check out page 2: A military officer is allowed to administer the CFA. Best of Luck! :thumb:
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    ALO interview without a parent?

    It is perfectly fine for you to interview with your ALO without your parent/s. My son handled the entire ALO contact process and interview on his own. In fact, our local ALO asked my son to come alone. Parents were not necessary. Best of luck with your interview. The ALOs are very helpful...