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    No, you arent sent home if you fail. Actually, in one of their presentations to the accepted students, the supe said that at the begining of beast, only 55% of new cadets passed and at the end 95% did. If you have some sort of medical condition that they catch on the first day, it is possible...
  2. Aronson it worth it?

    The answer is yes
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    MOck R-DAY

    I did it... it was awesome you should absolutely do it
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    No, each individual section must be passed. When I was up at west point, they'd hand you a sheet with your stats on the CFA at the end of the week and tell you which sections you'd passed and which you hadn't. Have him work out his back muscles by doing excercises like rows, upright rows, lat...
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    Calculus or no?

    You MUST take calc! My BGO went back to the Naval Academy for his refresher course on BGOing this year and the director of admissions said that he needed to see some calculus on a transcript for admission this year. I'm sure there are exceptions, but I would STRONGLY advise taking Calculus. You...
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    Army/Navy game, who's going?

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    Army/Navy game, who's going?

    GOD I want to go! I just bought a navy jersey and I live like 20 minutes from Raven's stadium. :(
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    An AWESOME book about USMA is "Absolutely American" by David Lipsky. It got me interested in the service academy life in middle school. DEFINATELY get that book, it's very very good. The military channel has a three part series called America's Military Academies. It's pretty solid
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    Telling your parents

    The best thing is to just sit them down and tell them. Give them your exact reasons for pursuing this path, and make them understand. When I was like 12 I made my mom and dad a "Parent's Guide to the Army". I explained things like rank, salutes, and other goodies I thought were tough to...
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    Qualified -competing for Nomination

    Jonathan, I had a very similar situation as well. My BGO told me about a month ago that i was 3Q'ed as well, and I got a letter saying that I was scholastically Qual'ed yesterday. The nomination would appear to be the limiting factor in admission. Good luck, Aronson
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    Got It!

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    Scholastically Qualified

    Rose, I'm in the same situation as your son. I just got my scholastically qualified letter, went to NASS, and am waiting on a nomination. My advice is to call your BGO. I did and he told me i was 3Q'ed. Good luck
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    Just_A_Mom is right (as usual). You're one year behind me. What I have to say is apply for NASS, it's awesome. But for now, focus on getting the right extra-curriculars, sports teams, and academic load. Remember not to overstrech yourself though.
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    oops i didnt read this well enough. I was at Navy's first session of summer seminar. 2nd session at West Point
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    Yes, the Summer Seminar does hold weight in the admissions process. If you did well there, the admission's board will take that into consideration. When were you there? I was 1st week, and I loved it. I know that West Point takes the Summer Seminar into consideration a lot. I'm in the process of...