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    USMMA Class of 2025 Appointment Thread

    It is that time of the year! Time to start the 2025 USMMA Appointment Thread as some LOAs are being drafted, applications are coming in, nomination interviews are starting up, DoDMERB hurdles are being tackled and the list begins. *Thanks to @Capt MJ for this format as they have all the points...
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    USMMA going to semesters....or staying with trimesters?

    Plus the fact that C splits will miss out on the very important deadlines for active duty and reserve spots in several of the branches. I cannot imagine this being a good plan. My A split kid got back from sea in late July this year and missed a couple simply due to inability to coordinate...
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    2021 Graduation Date?

    Also, we've changed graduation hotels and such twice now. The great part about this whole upheaval is that everyone in the travel world is very forgiving with change. Hotels and airlines are allowing for changes and very lenient when re-booking or cancelling. That said, make sure you don't have...
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    2021 Graduation Date?

    Latest scuttlebutt directly from Adm. Buono's lips: they are shooting for June 12th as the date of graduation for 2021. BUT, as is everything this year, hold onto that date loosely and prepare for the usual--which is change!
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    Very quiet on USMMA SAF forum

    When compared with other years, it is very quiet on the USMMA forum this year. Taking into account the unusual circumstances, I would anticipate a bit more activity given that so many resources are limited in connection. However, I am concerned that because ours is the 'best kept secret'...
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    Real Life at USMMA

    USMMA just posted this to their Facebook page :)
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    Best way to research the Maritime industry?

    The other thing that is available is to connect with your local USMMA parents' association. They would be able to put you together with current or recent graduates/families who should be able to impart their experiences. If you go to, which is the USMMA National Parents'...
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    @Kpwoman12 post one more time, anything will do, and then PM @kpmom2013 to get additional information. I can also help you privately if you PM me. Hang in there!
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    Plebe experience at USMMA

    Okay, so it is the same one as the one I had in my mind! Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
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    Plebe experience at USMMA

    For those of us with no background, would someone please provide a photo reference of said ‘green jacket’ for comparison? My Army Brat self goes to a version seen in Army life and I do not think it’s the same...
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    How Much Does Having a Merchant Mariner Credential Help?

    Good suggestion. Also, when applying for your nomination, your MOC's nomination committee will definitely need to understand the significance of your experience. @UnitedStatesAircraft5 I am following your journey with interest and wish you well.
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    Upcoming Final Day Advice

    Enjoy the journey! Check your email and spam folders for communication with USMMA. Make sure to join the Class of 2024 social media (Appointees only--not the parent pages) to ensure that you're not missing any communication. Agree with @Hockey10 about places to get take-out--I don't know...
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    New York's Quarantine on Some Out-of-State Visitors

    USMMA has policies in effect to test all incoming Mids, isolate until test results received, and then proceed as indicated. The 'naughty list' (ha!) has no effect on the process. Your Mid should have received information directly from KP and, I believe, PPE in a mailing. The process has gone...
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    INDOC Question

    Nothing official, but our mid got an accordion-pleated file and separated everything into appropriate divisions. He also made duplicate copies of everything (including passport, birth cert. etc) and put them in the back section of the file and kept that just in case something was missed or lost...
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    Is USMMA actually a Federal Service Academy?

    I couldn't get yours to work so I've attached another post with the link. If all else fails, I saved the file and have attached it as well. Enjoy!