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    Waiver advice

    The waiver process is slow, extremely frustrating and seems to occur in a black box. Unfortunately, once your RC puts forth your waiver, he or she has little insight in to that status until the surgeon reviews and decides on your case. Your RC will not forget about you and will give you an...
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    LOA... now what?

    I agree with the others, finish all the applications and keep the options on the table (especially Plan B) in the event that an unforeseen situation occurs and the USMA appointment come together. My son received a LOA early in the process and since USMA was his top choice by a significant...
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    DoDMERB Consultants

    Both kinnem and time2 are right on. Answer truthfully but certainly don't self diagnose, there are enough potential speed bumps without that. My son answered a couple of questions and submitted prior to letting me reviewing the answers. None were a big deal but they resulted in remedials and...
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    Dismal BB throw during CFA at SLE

    My son had the same experience two summers ago. Went to SLE and two weeks later went to NASS and took the CFA at both. My son received his score from SLE prior to going to NASS and found out that he had passed. Nonetheless he took the CFA at NASS and sent the scores to WP to show improvement...
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    When do P.O. Box numbers get issued?

    Last year they were not given out until R-Day.
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    Where to try on Garmont Boots?

    My 2021 cadet purchased on Amazon (via Elite Survival Systems). He loves them and had no issues with the seller.
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    Boys State USMA Application Weight

    My son was only asked if he attended Boys State as part of the USMA application. I imagine the question about positions could be asked during MOC interviews.
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    Dental Dilemma

    Not sure if it the exact same type of thing but last year my son had his wisdom teeth removed in late May. I seem to remember that having them removed was encouraged prior to reporting. That being said, I agree with kinnem and reach out to your RC first.
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    SLE Class 2023

    My son did the same 3 week SLE/Boy's State/NASS tour two summers ago. He enjoyed both SLE and NASS but if he had it to do all over again he probably would have only done SLE and Boy's state but he'd already accepted and paid NASS when he received his SLE invitation (his first choice). I'd hold...
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    USMA Waiver Deadline - When?

    Last year my son's waiver from USMA took 57 days from the day he received notice of the DQ until he was formally notified that the waiver was approved. While it probably doesn't feel like it, it is still early in the admissions timeline/cycle and you still have time. The fact that your file...
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    Does Mean This I Have an Appointment??

    My son received one of these last year prior to his appointment (while he was awaiting his medical waiver). The West Point Societies invite appointees and expected appointees to the Founders Day programs. The societies are in contact with the RC's and have a good handle on your status. I...
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    How to proceed

    Scan any records (keep originals) and send to DoDMERB. Make sure you include a cover letter that includes your full name and the the last four digits of your SS#.
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    LOA question

    My DS received an LOA last year with the same language and his only hurdle was the waiver. The waiver process was long but in the end he obtained his waiver and received his appointment as outlined by the LOA. Since your son has a nomination (I assume he completed the November 4th...
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    Disqualified - Waiver?

    another13mom is correct, if a candidate is deemed competitive then the SA will automatically process a waiver request. That being said, he should contact his regional commander to ask whether he is competitive and will therefore be considered for a waiver. It's a good chance to speak to the...
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    concussion medical waiver denied

    I agree with jl123 that the use of a consultant is not needed for most situations. However, in more complicated cases, it may be warranted. We utilized DoDMERB Consultants for my DS last year who had a concussion and another neurological incident within 5 years of applying to USMA. Dr...