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  • sorry sistem dont let me write everything at once, she is in 10th grade now. So she want to be sure she will have the option of become and officer with ROTC if plan A does not work, but she is working VERY HARD for that, she wants West Point :)
    She is working very hard in her academics plus sports plus volunteer work, her dream is a Service Academy, but she will apply also to ROTC scholarships and several Colleges as a plan "B", her dream is become and Oficcer.She is taking now high school classes, plus College classes plus anything else in between. Thank you.
    My daughter is in a Middle college high school, means when she graduate she will have an AA degree plus high school diploma, and enter to College straight to do 2 more years for her Bachelor degree.Question, can she still apply to an ROTC scholarship for that 2 years?thank you.
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