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  • DS will go to college locally unless he is offered an AD 3 elsewhere. It seems like the Army colleges are willing to add my son's name to their list of applicants for a campus based AD 3. The local college seems content to let the non-contract students enter ROTC and compete for the 10 or so spots they have available to contract.

    DS thinks he should pursue a degree in Math or Engineering. As a result I doubt his GPA his freshman year will be competitive enough to earn him a scholarship. He needs to secure an AD3 before his freshman year if at all possible.

    The ROO is offering DS the scholarship says that he has initiated the process but is waiting for those above him to act upon it.

    Could several colleges offer DS campus based AD 3s or would Cadet Corps cancel out additional offers?
    Not sure what you mean by processed. Here is what will probably be happening. The school that is interested in your son may be planning to reserve some 3 AD offers from the national process. If so, their Brigade may be waiting to see what's left before they allow campus based offers to be made. Once they get the go ahead they will send an offer letter. What I would suggest you do is to contact the school and ask when you can expect the offer letter. They may be planning to wait until all the students arrive at school in the fall to allocate their scholarships. I know that is what I would be doing if I had extra 3 ADs. Without an offer letter from the school, which will be associated with a budget allocation (control number) there is no official offer, so if you are uncomfortable with a verbal commitment press for the offer letter. Once you have that it's guarenteed. Until then have a back up plan to pay for school in the coming years.
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