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  • Selfridge ANGB - its about 40 min from where I live and has a huge PX. Do you think getting two pairs would've been a good idea?
    Whats up! I just got my boots last weekend - the ones you recommended :D They make me feel invincible lol
    Wow, you're almost there! I still have to take the CFA and get medically qualified on top of getting nominated. I'm sure you'll get an endorsement - dont sweat it. But yeah, 5 weeks seems a long time to wait. I have friends who have gotten nominations this month or last, not to mention the people who have gotten appointed weeks ago.
    Hey! Thanks for the friend invite :) If you haven't been appointed yet, I wish you best of luck (I haven't finalized my acceptance yet either) and if you have been already, hope to see you in June!

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