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    CFT at Camp Buckner

    I heard somewhere that West Point lets some rotc cadet come and participate in CFT, does anyone know how one applies or gets selected for that tremendous opportunity?
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    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Your Math and CR scores are good and a 610 in writing is not even that bad (I got a 590 in writing). Since they still have limited data on how kids do on the writing section I doubt it is going to play a huge role in the consideration. Back to my first point...
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    Virginia Tech NROTC

    The main difference is that at an academy your in a 24/7 military atmosphere. At VT at around 6pm you can take off your uniform and go be a regular college student (some had to stay and study, and some went o go see movies). As a freshman however, I don't think you would see much of a...
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    Virginia Tech NROTC

    VT is my backup plan as well, and I also found out that I was accepted! I attended the Spend a Night with the Corps earlier in the year and got a better glimpse of what the VTCC is all about. I would definitely recommend attending the program because when I was there I could tell that it is a...
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    Asthma waiver?

    My situation was exactly the same (double qualified swimmer disqualified for asthma even though I wasn't on meds). USMA does automatically request a waiver. Since he was disqualified that means you most of already sent his birth to present records. At this point in the process for me USMA ended...
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    Good News For Asthma

    Congrats on your Waiver!!!! I got my asthma waiver from USMA a few days ago. Still waiting to hear about an appointment though. Once again, congrats. :w00t:
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    Have I missed any posts??

    Glad you are back! Also I wanted to thank you for your help and support, as I got my usma asthma Waiver today!!!!
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    Candidate Page gets new look!

    Just wanted to tell everyone to check out their candidate websites because they have a whole new more user friendly look. There is also a tiny bit more information concerning the dates of when items were posted. Check it out! :wink:
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    So should I wait for a possible DQ or be pre-emptive?

    If you have never had a problem, why create one? Just go through the exam and if you get a DQ, you probably would have a very high chance of recieving a waiver (especially since your a track athelete). Good luck :thumb:
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    AOG Prep?

    From what I understand those who take this path are not guaranteed a spot to West Point, so if you are rejected the next year, aren't you basically stranded without any options (college-wise)? Do people apply to other places while they got through the prep program? Thanks for the input, I'll...
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    AOG Prep?

    I got an email saying I was qualified and that I might want to consider an AOG prep as a back up plan. Does anyone know if expressing interest in this program will hurt my chances of still getting an appoinment for class of 2012. I feel like if I tell my MALO I'm interested they'll just put me...
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    nomination when will it show up on website?

    Price is my MOC. I got a nomination from Burr via letter today, but I don't know if he does competitive or principal... I'll keep my eyes glued to my candidate webpage and if I don't see anything in the next week or so I'll give usma a call.
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    nomination when will it show up on website?

    Still waiting on my congressional to show up... :confused: Do you know when and how Burr is communicating his decision about the nominations because I don't remember being told that info at my interview.
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    She Got It !

    Update: Got the reject from Dole in the mail today. :frown: Still preparing for interview with Burr. Good luck to the rest of you.
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    Good News For Asthma

    Good to hear, I have to take this on Wednesday. I have a nom and I'm double qualified so this is going to make or break me. Congrats, let us know when you hear back from the academy.