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    uuhhh, i don't know. i think i overheard you say something about this site one time...

    uuhhh, i don't know. i think i overheard you say something about this site one time...
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    Time for the appointment thread

    yes, a very big congratulations to 2014. :redface:
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    Getting to I-day

    rule of thumb. i like free stuff. use it when you can...
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    Minoring in a language..

    all i gotta say is, japanese sucks.
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    What would be a legitimate weight to get into the air force academy?

    if you ever frequented the weight room at all during high school or in your free time, expect to lose quite a bit of weight during basic. no weight room and less than usual amounts of food are a recipe for disaster for football players, field and track throwers, wrestlers, etc. i lost like 30...
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    Time for the appointment thread

    (in the emperor's voice) GOOD, GOOD, GOOD....GOOD.....GOOD. the list grow's ever so stronger, Lord Vader......GOOD....GOOD...GOOD.
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    Time for the appointment thread

    ahhhh, the list grows longer and the time comes closer. finally....:biggrin:
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    football scholarship

    do those two fencers happen to be in squads 4 and 5?
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    Falcon FOOTBALL!!!

    right on!
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    football scholarship

    i'll agree with the other ic's on here. and to label all cadets as athletes is somewhat of a joke. especially now that intramurals (fun time) are cancelled almost every day cuz of weather. and i've been to a few "training sessions" that the regular cadets do. even after going to practice for...
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    Snow,Snow Days, and other weather events

    there was enough to give us all a two hour delay...
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    Appointment Offered!!

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    Appointment Offered!!

    finally, some 2014 fodder. but seriously, you are something special to receive an appointment this early! congratulations! good luck to the rest of 2014. i'll be waiting...:wink:
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    questions about loa

    don't worry about it, even if you don't get an loa, it's not the end of the world. only like the top 10% of all applicants actually get it. you can still get into the academy; you just have to wait until march or so...keep up the good work! :thumb:
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    Air Force Academy LOA!

    nice job!!! enjoy the time between now and june something. :biggrin: