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    Time to throw in the towel

    Too early to throw in the towel. Please remember that USAFA is dealing with serious issues (like every organization is right now) and understandably must prioritize action items. They delayed the appointment date to April 21st for a reason -- they need more time to process applications and make...
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    Class Rank

    Not sure what they do...but neither my USAFA grad nor my current C2C had a class rank. So USAFA figures something out! Concentrate on your grades and other credentials and don't stress about class rank if your school doesn't use it.
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    No boxing requirement for female cadets?

    USAFA does indeed require boxing for both men and women unless they have changed something for the new incoming class. Both my dd and ds have taken it.
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    Question about Boots Upon I-Day + BCT?

    :) I knew the boots thread would come! :)
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    Visiting USAFA

    USAFA will provide information regarding appointee visit days. They won't forget about you. Congrats, relax and give them a chance :) It is a pretty busy time for admissions.
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    Now that more appointments are coming in....

    I am just waiting for the "boots" threads to begin!
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    USAFA Class of 2023 Appointment Thread

    I'll join in here! I would predict the big wave around March 15th.
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    What do 4th Year Cadets Do Between End of BCT 8/3 and beginning of classes 9/2?

    According to communication received from USAFA, classes begin on 8/9/19. May be subject to change, but usually it is right around then. As Hoodlum mentioned, there are a few transition days between the end of BCT and the beginning of the ac year.
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    The USAFA Question

    Exchange of ideas is good. But bantering excessively or trying to be a comic with current or retired AF officers or other adults who have worlds and lifetimes of firsthand, knowledgeable experience, and needing to have the "last word" with them is not a good skill to cultivate, especially if...
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    Utter Frustration with myself

    A number of folks here have given you some great, action-oriented counsel. I would gently suggest that you stop worrying about how others are doing. You cannot control them or their outcomes. Do your best and stay focused. If you don't get the ACT score you want in the end, spend lots of time...
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    Utter Frustration with myself

    A few thoughts: 1. Echoing that superscoring is your friend. 2. What is your overall GPA? Remember, SAT/ACT scores are one component of your academic record that academies consider; they are not the only component. 3. How far in math have you gotten in school thus far? Many people find that...
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    A Parent's Guide to Year One at USAFA

    I agree with Maplerock's second paragraph in terms of needing to separate. That is incredibly important for parents to realize and help put into practice, from the beginning. As far as visiting on A-Day, I also agree you shouldn't feel bad if you can't make it. Personally, I am glad I was able...
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    A Parent's Guide to Year One at USAFA

    I would anticipate A-Day being Tue August 7th this year. That is my educated guess based on past years' experiences. The rundown - parade usually begins at 0900. Plan to arrive much earlier. Position yourself in the stands so you will be nearest to your doolie's squadron. You will receive more...
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    USAFA Summer Seminar - Shuttle to DEN

    Colorado Shuttle is a good option.
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    Parent weekend

    For the past three years at least, yes, the freshmen were allowed off campus Friday night (required to be back Sat am), and Saturday and Sunday nights as well.