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    Army PFT Scores?

    FYI the PFE is changing very soon. DD at a SMC that has been doing the new PFE in preperation
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    Insightful Video Explaining SMCs, MJCs, & ROTC

    Can you send the URL for this? I would like to share with my daughter who will be attending VMI on a full AROTC scholarship. Thank you sharing. I believe the quote that went " you have to experience it to understand how great it is" sums this up.
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    Government Cuts

    I can confirm the incoming class is roughly 264 including CGAS which is smaller than previous class sizes of the past 2 years thus it will be much more competitive this year
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    VMI financial aid

    Ii'm not familiar with those can you elaborate on how one would look into those scholarships
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    VMI financial aid

    I confirmed what Falcon A stated with regard to VMI. I asked the question because other colleges that my DD has been accepted to also offered her academic scholarships that could be used for room and board even if she was on a full tuition scholarship from ROTC.
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    VMI financial aid

    Does anyone know if a VMI scholarship can be applied to room and board if the student is on an ROTC scholarship?
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    Time frame?

    Get the exams scheduled right away, do not delay. Amy remedial or DQ that require waivers takes months in some cases, my DD went through this Two years ago and I wish someone told us to run to the dr appointments asap.
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    DoDMERB Questionnaire

    What would have caused R251.12 remedial?
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    AROTC- scholarship what if's

    I'm not seeing anything that firmly states that if your not admitted to your first choice school on your award letter, you can simply move the scholarship to another school, still one of three that you were awarded the scholarship in the winner letter.
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    AROTC- scholarship what if's

    My DD received A 4y AROTC scholarship for which h she is very ex tied. She does have a question that has received different responses from the schools ROO that she received. The specific question was, of the 3 schools she was a winner for she has an acceptance at one of them, not her first...
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    PEA and DoDMERD Disqualification

    From experience the Dodmerb status has nothing to do with the admissions process. Many prospective cadets will not have their Dodmerb finalize until after the EA decisions are completed. If your DD is successful in obtaining an appointment prior to her having an finalized Dodmerb her offer will...
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    Early Action vs Regular decision

    If his scores are that much better then delaying the application might be best. Remember the file is looked at only once, and delaying the application is not looked at unfavorably. The CGA has always stated that applying when you have the best possible application package is the right time. If...
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    Rolling a die 3 times does not give you a 50% chance of rolling a specific number. The probability of rolling any number stays 1/6 no matter how many times you roll the dice. Please retake probability and statistics.
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    Went from Qualified to Remedial Requested for DoDMERB

    Best to call your assigned contact at DODMERB, that person can tell you what the actual remedial action if any is required on your part. You will get a letter in the mail at some point but calling will give you a head start.
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    Got a waiver, good sign?

    DODMERB is valid for 2 years