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    Cadet for a Day... help?

    There is a planned power outage going on today at the Academy from 0600 to 1600. Apparently to do with installation of a new chiller so that all of Chase Hall will eventually be air-conditioned.
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    Class of 2016 profile?

    In my son's class of 2009 a girl was dismissed TWO DAYS BEFORE GRADUATION due to an honor violation relating to a final exam. Never said they don't get disenrolled after swab summer. But you have to put the numbers in perspective...smaller classes can't be compared on a raw numbers basis...
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    Class of 2016 profile?

    No, that is fairly typical. My son's class had 307 to start and lost almost 30 over swab summer. If they're still there at this point they'll likely remain for the start of the year. It's the first couple weeks that weed out a lot of them. Remember you're starting with a much lower number so...
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    Can't say for sure if they still use this one but when my son applied it was something like, "Name a hero of yours and why this person inspires you?" or something to that effect.:confused:
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    Schedule for Eagle?

    Which company is "your kid" in? Then I can give you a rough guess.
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    Advanced Degrees After Graduation

    I concur on all this...he's a great guy as is his dad whom I met several times over the past few years. A large number of kids from my son's class (2009) are already pursuing grad studies as well at schools such as Columbia, George Mason, University of New Hampshire and University of...
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    Superintendent's Trophy 2011-2012

    To add to the fun, the men's tennis team shut out USMMA 9-0. :biggrin:
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    Superintendent's Trophy 2011-2012

    Unfortunately sports such as lacrosse, crew, cross country etc. do not count in these standings.
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    CGA Still Number One!

    US News and World Report released their 2012 college rankings today. USCGA remains ranked number one among regional colleges in the North. Here is a llink to the story.
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    LOA received today

    Congrats Pops but especially to your son. Feel free to ask any questions that either of you may have. :biggrin:
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    Problem staying logged on.

    Nope I always do that and I'm still being logged off...guess I'll have to live with it. :rolleyes:
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    Application Open?

    Definitely announced as Sept. 12 per Facebook page.
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    Problem staying logged on.

    I'm using firefox...rather not clear history as it screws up other sites I'm on. Version is
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    Problem staying logged on.

    Since your latest shutdown for maintenance I am unable to stay logged on...each time I come back to the site I have to sign in again. I am the only person who uses my computer so this is kind of inconvenient. Any suggestions will be appreciated.:confused:
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    Cadet for a Day

    Although a high percentage of AIMsters get appointments, not going to AIM won't work against you. For example, my son didn't go and he got it and graduated. As far as PT at CFAD, I don't think you do any and definitely they don't give you the PFE test. You may attend a sports practice but...