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  • When you say top 10 what schools are you speaking of? Medical school is very difficult to gain admittance, but of course not impossible. I would look to see how many people go from WP to medical school vs. your other options. WP is for sure an advantage in the military world but I don't think it would be more valuable than a top 10 (Johns Hopkins, Rice, Vanderbilt, Emory, Ivy) school for medicine.
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    For my undergraduate degree, I can choose between Duke and West Point.
    I don’t want to directly go from Undergrad to med school; roughly half of physicians from West Point did more or less what I plan to do (but that’s half of a small number). I plan to get some troop leadership time and maturity before slinging myself into med school, residency, medical corps, and another commitment to active duty.
    Wow! Duke is an unreal option. Another thing to consider is if you do ROTC you can do reserves after Duke but you will have to go active duty after WP. If you want a military career go to WP if your primary goal is to be a MD go to Duke. If money is an issue go to WP. That is the best deal ever but if you make it through med school $ will never matter again.
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