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    Running shoe question.

    Second this. Swabs are generally not held responsible for performance (to include ability to follow directions, getting in shape, etc) prior to taking the oath.
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    SA commencement speech

    I wonder if it's to patch up the damage done by the proposed cuts in the initial draft budget. Could also just be a scheduling issue.
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    Post -9/11 GI Bill Changes Under Consideration

    Unfortunately I think this is the (possibly intended?) effect of a policy change like that. New E-2/3's pulling in $1k a month are not going to be very likely/able to contribute $100 to buy into the program despite being the ones who would benefit the most. I think the new retirement system...
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    Two Cadets Face Court Martial for Sexual Assaults

    Been a while since I've been on here, but I'll chime in a few of these topics. Firstly, the standard practice that I've seen concerning 'simple' drug use has been to go with the fastest route to dismissal, often foregoing court martial to get the member out of the service as quickly as...
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    Post 9/11 GI Bill eligibility - Service Academy

    Your time at flight school should count toward your SA time. If you get out at 7 years you should get 80% (24 months of "eligible" time).
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    Odierno: More troops in Afghanistan may get pink slips

    On the ground the Coast Guard has the RAID Team which as described above helps make sure that supplies are properly loaded/marked/packed to clear customs. There are also 6 Patrol Boats in the Arabian Gulf which provided security to Iraqi Oil terminals during the heights of the war in Iraq. They...
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    Millennials People have been against new mediums of communication for all of humanity.
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    I think the top comment underneath the article sums it all up.
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    Separated Midshipman: Please Help

    You'll probably submit some sort of Statement of Purpose on your grad school application. Generally they ask for information not gathered in other areas of the application and explanation of negative information. That would probably be a good location to bring up the circumstances and what...
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    Life of a Junior Officer

    The first year you'll probably have a lot of schools to attend that are required to be a part of whatever specialty you're in. After that you're life will probably not be unlike someone your same age in the private sector. Go to work during the day, have nights and weekends off. More than likely...
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    Military OKs dreadlocks and cornrow hairstyles

    I think this video shows why they made the right decision.
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    aviation and eyes

    The best answer is to have her go to the clinic and talk with the doctor. They deal with cadets requesting this info all the time and know the policies in and out.
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    Aviation right out of the Academy

    Mostly: Have a high class rank. Partially: You will do an interview with a panel of pilots. How well you need to do on it depends on the above.
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    Experimented with Marijuana after Appointment (What Will Happen?)

    I'll second Hornet. Anyone that's actually been through an Academy knows that cadets are people and not necessarily the shiny images of perfection that are on the Academy brochures. Everyone I knew at CGA had done something that could have easily gotten them kicked out at some point. Some got...
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    Is the CGA too small?

    I had 3500+ in my high school and hardly noticed the small size of the Academy when I was there. I realized I probably couldn't even name 1000 people at my high school if I saw their face so 2500 that were "missing" at the Academy made no difference to me personally.