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    Aspiring Mids: Virtual Operation Information 2020

    For Aspiring Midshipman: Operation Information usually involves a Mid coming to your neighborhood during T-giving week to share their experiences about life on the Yard and in the Brigade. Well, no T-Giving break means no in-person visits, so OPINFO 2020 is going virtual. The next six weeks...
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    No Thanksgiving break

    Ummm, WHAT? Forgive the off topic dissent, but this spurious claim simply MUST be addressed. Thanksgiving is, in point of fact, the GREATEST of all holidays. I submit the following reasons: It's an entire day focused on feasting. Turkey (roasted, deep fried... I make no preference) is...
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    Return for the Class of 2023...?

    Anybody got any gouge as to when the Class of 2023 will be welcomed back into the loving arms of Mother B? Have seen plans for 2021 and 2022, and 20204 is obvi already on campus.
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    USNA Trident Scholars

    My DS's roommate authored "Proofs of Retrievability with Low Server Storage". Great presentation. At least I think it is. I was lost after "Good morning..." Waiting the "For Dummies" version.
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    Mids told not to return

    Oooooh boy, are my two CA Mids excited about THIS!
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    Mids told not to return

    FWIW: Superintendent just announced that Brigade reform is postponed until March 28. Online classes may begin March 20. More here:
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    SWO Ship Selection

    FWIW: DS roommate had the #1 pick for ship selection. He's a computer science major, and absolutely stupid smart (the kind of kid where you think "phew, I'm glad he's on our side...") He will be doing cryptological warfare, so there were a limited number of spots available to him. He chose the...
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    Smart watches?

    DS, a firstie, has become a bit of a watch hound during his time by the Severn. I suspect it's because a watch is one of the few adornments that a mid can wear to show a little individuality / personality. His watches aren't particularly fancy, but they are valued and appreciated. - Chrome...
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    Service Selection Class of 2020 is Today

    DS just went through service selection as a member of Class of 2020. He received first choice, Marine Aviator. The class, however, had a comparatively lower rate of people receiving first choice. This is apparently due to the smaller size of the class (currently 1,021), and the need to meet...
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    Plebe Christmas Gift Ideas

    The mailroom can barely handle mail at this point, so definitely something to consider... Seriously, though, it's worked out well for DD so far. Sponsor family option also a great alternative.
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    Plebe Christmas Gift Ideas

    Yes to all of the above (especially ...Ah, the nerf gun.) Both DS and DD appreciated fitness trackers (Fitbit, Garmin, etc.) , particularly those that count steps, map runs, etc. MAJOR yes to watches. With so few ways to express individuality, the watch can be a distinctive piece of arm...
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    USNA CLASS OF 2024 Update-List-Yourself APPOINTMENTS

    There are no stupid questions here. According to my plebe's chemistry professor, however, there are plenty of stupid questions in CHEM1. Apparently.
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    What 'back up' colleges did you apply to before choosing USNA?

    DS (current plebe) applied to (and was accepted to) Notre Dame as her back up. She received an ROTC scholarship to do so. We sent the deposit check for $500 to hold her spot just in case. None of this, in and off itself, is interesting or novel. What I thought WAS interesting and novel is that...
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    How about those mids?

    Was there for when they beat #6 Houston. That was kinda exciting, too. Shoddy camera work the result of too many pre-game libations...
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    To Cut or Not Cut? On the Subject of the I-Day Women's Haircut

    As most are aware, the women of the USNA Class of 2023 were the first group not required to cut their hair for Plebe Summer. Our DD vacillated for a bit in making a decision on whether to cut or not, but ultimately decided to get trimmed to the traditional jaw length. During this past Plebe...