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Sep 25, 2009
    1. kilovictorhotel
      Hey good luck with the game!! What position does he play???
    2. bz22mom
      That is great news! I love those pix!
    3. kpdad2013
      Excellent, thanks so much for the link. We actually saw our son in several pictures!
    4. skubon
      what weight class is your son going to wrestle? my son went to a boarding school in pa the last two years, so he is a pa wrestler. he wrestles all year though. i'll ask garrick if he has met your son. the usmma team is a young up and coming team. they should do really well this season.
    5. susgsea
      Pat Seabrook is my son. I think we had a full five minutes. He didn't talk as much as me, but that's not unusual. He has 2 roommates. No sports, but wants to sail.
      I can't wait for parent's weekend. We will be on Long Island for a wedding, but won't be stopping @ KP. I'll be there in spirit.
    6. bz22mom
      Yea, I was happy, crying and then mad when I hung up!!! I really think that it should be a solid 5 with the DI"S in their face OR less than 5 with some privacy and no distraction...I could hear in his tone that he wanted to talk but couldn't! It was almost torture for both of us! Do you feel that way? My son's name is Bobby Zagers, his roommate is Will Courtney...Bobby's on the football team too. Are you going to parent's weekend?
    7. skubon
      my son is in first company as well. i wasnt even close to 5 minutes!!!!!! my sons name is garrick skubon.
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