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    Is there a need to inform/disclose?

    I think the application asks if you have any relatives that have attended a service academy. It’s a metric the class profile reports But, it’s not important to admissions and the BGO’s overall role is negligible as well regarding the BGO’s influence on the admissions process. Unless of...
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    Validation Question

    47 months!
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    Sleep Deprivation

    DD is a D1 athlete, ranked overall in the top 80 with a STEM major - goes to bed every night at 10 pm and gets up around 6 am. This has been her routine for her first 2.5 years at usna. It’s all about time management
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    Outside medical treatment

    The military provides socialized medicine which is generally good. However, my Mid is also covered by my insurance plan and I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute encouraging her to get a non military medical opinion. As for me - the quality of care I received as a cadet and on active duty was not...
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    Medical Examination nerves?

    The exam itself is not detailed. Largely it is a document review and the document being reviewed is the history you completed. If you have an extensive and/or complicated medical history you will have a lot of questions to answer. Not that you won’t pass - but they are bumps or potentially...
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    Please Post something about Plebe Summer that is Positive

    Your Plebe should be happy that it’s much easier than it was ‘back in the day’ when things were truly hard (as any SA grad can tell you)
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    Pilot Test

    I agree as to the purpose of the airmanship programs. We had T41 (which I assume per your post is now at Pueblo which you did have to pass and some of my classmates did not. My larger point - if you want to fly or at least think you do - you simply can't beat all the opportunities USAFA...
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    Pilot Test

    USNA has a 'pilot test' it offers Mids interested in becoming pilots or FO's. They get three opportunities to 'pass it' I took one from the USMC (40 years ago) and that exam was primarily focused on spatial orientation. It would have a picture and you had to describe your position relative to...
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    Would like some perspective on USNA engineering program rigor

    My classmates (USAFA) with PhD’s in engineering who taught at USAFA that have retired and now teach at pretty elite engineering schools will tell you that if deep dive engineering is your goal - the SAs don’t have the time. A project they might assign in ‘normal college’ that would take 40...
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    If you plan to reapply/apply, please consider this...

    Do what you love, work hard, and make good grades. Know what your peers are doing to be competitive for service academies, but don't do stuff simply to enhance your resume. Some will get appointed, others will not. There are so many factors that come into play - not the least of which is...
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    5 years of service after USNA

    Have you actually spoken to your son and these are his thought? Many reasons to stay and many reasons to go - but if he doesn't know the answer to the questions you have posed - what has he been doing the past 2 years? I get all the uncertainty he might have, but if these are 'his' questions...
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    Why is the Class of 2022 so small?

    I think the 812 graduating is a low number, but initial class sizes are smaller because attrition has declined. Some would argue that under the old school process - start 1500 and expect 1000 to graduate has changed and they do a much better job of screening the 1100 - 1200 they do admit. This...
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    ASTB Minimums Change

    USAF is short of experienced pilots. Retention is the issue not lowering standards to get more candidates into the pipeline. I think USN and USMC are also short on experienced pilots.
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    Should I Be Worried?

    DD validated 8 classes with no prior college. She just registered for her junior year classes and will be taking 15-16 hours per semester her last 2 years. (She opted not to double major but is a STEM major) She is on easy street for her last 2 years regarding course load. She is ranked OOM...
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    Failed class

    You probably need to ask the question sooner than later, just so you know if you need to execute Plan B. But USAFA isn't requiring the information before your 8th semester is complete, so if you don't point it out sooner - you haven't done anything unethical. USAFA will require your final...