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    Honor Code--Cheating on Test

    It's situationally dependent. The offending Mid should expect to be brought before an Honor Board. The outcome of the board could be Honor Remediation or worse, but there's no hard and fast rule. However, a plebe is typically given more leeway than an upperclassman. As a "graduate" of the...
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    Summer Military Training

    While I agree that USMA is probably more infantry oriented, I definitely wouldn't suggest going there planning to cross-commission. If their cross commissioning program is anything like USNA's is (I researched cross commissioning to USCG prior to USNA graduation), then it will be extremely...
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    Summer Military Training

    When I was at USNA (2 yrs ago), jump school/air assault slots were usually fairly limited. There would be some sort of physical screening advertised to the Brigade (usually a PFT in boots/camis followed by further physical training). This would weed out the number of candidates to a realistic...
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    Pilot Slots at USNA vs. USAFA

    Short answer: definitely. Long answer: Lots of people will change their minds. It could be because they aren't physically qualified for aviation. Some others will fall in love with another community based on their summer training experiences while at USNA. Some will just realize that...
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    Pilot Slots at USNA vs. USAFA

    Mongo, I wouldn't necessarily say there is an "official" aviation cutoff. I graduated below that 700 mark, and I'm a Naval Flight Officer now. However, typically, if you are looking for a pilot slot, they tend to drop off after the 750ish mark. There are always exceptions though, I know a...
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    Academics time?

    Things definitely haven't changed that much sir. It was still four years of prolonged sleep deprivation :wink: In answer to the original question, yes the professors do understand that you have a tough schedule. That being said, they expect you to be able to balance your academic workload...
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    Gdesena, deployment time for naval aviators really depends on what type of plane you end up flying. The typical squadron spends about six months deployed. However, certain types of naval aircraft don't deploy on the carrier, so your lifestyle while deployed will really be dictated by what you...
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    All Academy Ball

    I'm not sure how the lubbock ball works, but when I was a mid I went to the Philadelphia Academies Ball twice. It was a fun time, dinner, dancing, and gift baskets for all the mids/cadets in attendance. Most mids/cadets come with their families and a date. I had a great time, and I would...
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    Get Ready To Be a "Zzzzzooper Mid"!

    Can't say I recognize any of those quotes. Must be an old timer thing :wink:
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    Candidate Visit Weekend (CVW)

    As a recent grad, I'm going to respectfully disagree with this point of view. Bringing a care package for the plebes does not make you a "joe" at all. Trust me, you'll quickly learn what a "joe" is when you get to the Academy. I wouldn't arrive at your candidate visit weekend trying to...
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    Reef Points

    Agreed. You have so much else to worry about when prepping for the Academy. Do yourself a favor and don't stress out about the rates before you arrive. Odds are, with all the stress of the first few days there, you won't even remember the rates you learned beforehand anyway.
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    Plebe summer questions

    You can change the address on the subscription to her PO Box at the Academy. They should send you the PO Box info before she reports for I-day. The cadre pick up mail for the plebes at least once a week during the summer, so she'll get it, but I know she won't have time to read them until the...
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    Plebe summer questions

    Yep, you can have them during the AC Year. My company confiscated ours during plebe summer, but like Zaphod said, it's a company to company thing. I wouldn't count on being able to use it until the AC Year though.
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    Plebe summer questions

    I agree with Jadler. Your cadre will explain how things work with the articles when the time comes. There is no need to worry about it now. Plus, there's no way anyone can expect you to have read a particular article unless they've asked you to in advance. There's just too much news out...
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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    I agree with you in that training is everyone's responsibility. But, I would like to point out that you don't gain anything by posting on a message board about the value of training. If it's so important to you, then shouldn't you be out training 24/7 instead of trying to impress potential...