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    advice with applying for OTS

    Thank you very much, all this information it will help me a lot!!
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    advice with applying for OTS

    hi, thanks for your advice!! First, I would like to clarify and sorry if it sounds like I was blaming her, I don't blame my recruiter for anything and I totally agree is my failure is not hers on the test, and I should have research and stayed on top of my application. Well, all that I was...
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    advice with applying for OTS

    Hi, I'm 37 years old and so glad that the cutting age changed, but I need to do something fast and the right way because I don't have time. I did my first-time AFOQT test in 2015, I didn't know I could only do it twice, so I wasn't prepared and on my second time, I got some food poisoning and...
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    thinking of joining to become a officer

    you mention that there is other routes for other degrees, like layer, my case, can you tell me how can i do ? i would love to join the Air Force. can i request a waiver? for example, because i believe for those degrees AFOQT test is not a requirement. thanks in advance
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    any updates? I'm in the same situation, in my case because my first language is Portuguese, I missed verbal by 2 points. but I have no military background except that my grandfather was a colonel, although I have a Law degree from Brazil, went to business management college here in the USA, and...