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    ROTC and D1 Track & Field?

    Google ”marshal plumlee”. Played basketball at Duke, won a national championship, and earned a commission through Army ROTC. Recently graduated Ranger school too.
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    What to do If you win? (AROTC)

    I don’t think override is the right word...If you get selected for an SA, and you also have an ROTC scholarship offer it is your choice...If you chose the SA then you can decline the ROTC offer or even just wait and have that offer withdrawn when you start at the SA. Conversely you could decide...
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    Scholarship Upgrade

    Things change and every year is different with this process. Scholarship money is getting tight this year, and you shouldn’t count on any upgrades. There will probably be a few that get pulled up from a 3 to a 4 after the last board, and it will also depend on what battalion and brigade you...
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    Could This Ruin my Chances for a scholarship

    Remember that 90+ question survey you took on the application most cases, if you think your stats are good, and you think you are competitive, the results of the survey (CBEF) may be the reason you didn’t get an offer. You’ll probably never know why you did or didn’t get an offer.
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    Transferring ROTC 3 year

    The probability of transfer request may be changing this year, so don’t take anything for granted. Work with CC and the ROO at your school of choice.
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    What to do If you win? (AROTC)

    Folks...take a deep breath and calm down a little. Offers just got posted. In the next day or two you will see the offer letter and you will probably be contacted by ROOs or PMSs. Ask them your questions and listen carefully to what they say. Congrats if you got an offer, and better luck on the...
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    When do second board results usually come out?

    Incorrect. There is no set time/date for results release...usually a couple weeks after the board meets. And PMSs are not authorized to contact winners until results are released. If they do they are not following directions.
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    Initial thoughts on the first Army ROTC Scholarship board results

    I’ve seen good and bad write ups by PMSs, and I’ve seen good and bad write ups by ROOs. Not sure I would generalize one way or another. I’ve seen self serving PMSs and I’ve seen very fair write ups by ROOs. There is so much randomness and variability to this process that I wouldn’t stress over...
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    Does Boston College have Army ROTC?

    If you don’t see a school you know offers Army ROTC try changing your intended major on the application. Schools are sometimes masked if they don’t offer a particular major. Listing engineering for a school that doesn’t have an engineering program sometimes causes this.
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    Did any of you upload your resume for your AROTC Scholarship Application?

    My advice is a resume can’t hurt, but you should do everything you can to include the info on that resume somewhere in the actual application. Either check a block or explain in the additional information block the significant info from the resume. The biggest mistake I see is including...
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    Army ROTC Scholarship Chances

    You don’t need to upload a lot of extra stuff to your application. Make sure your essays and additional information blocks are good, make sure you have checked all the activities and sports blocks you can and make sure your stats are accurate. Letters of recommendation rarely get read by the...
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    Late AROTC Application

    You are worrying about things out of your control. Instead of posting on the forum you should be starting your application. There is no advantage or disadvantage to early or late applications other than missing a round of offers. You don’t get extra points for being the first and you don’t get...
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    AROTC MSII Disenrollment Question

    You will pay back or serve. It’s in the contract. As soon as you start your sophomore year you incur an obligation.
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    Wanting Army ROTC but only AF is available...

    Be very careful about JMCs (Junior Military Academies) like VFMA. They will tell you it’s a quicker way, but you still can’t be what I would call a fully vetted officer until you earn your four year degree, so that commission you earn at a JMC has some strings, and is not really the quicker path...
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    Quick Question

    You can continue to edit your application and tweak it up until the day the board meets. You can even edit it after the board meets, but once the board meets, unless there are some extenuating circumstances it won’t get relooked at. Your activities and sports boxes can be updated and that may...