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    SAT /ACT

    Well done, see you Thursday!
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    Quick question about BCT garment markings

    Are those the dimensions for each letter, or for the entire ID? Also, do most people use iron on labels or a clothing pen?
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    Quick question about BCT garment markings

    I could have sworn I read somewhere that the underwear and shirts we bring must be marked however I cannot find specific information about this. Could anyone clarify what needs to be marked on the garments we bring to identify them or direct me to the correct source. Thankyou
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    Rejected from USNA

    It's also important to ask yourself what your goals are. I applied to USNA and USAFA because they are both excellent means of meeting my goals. I want to serve my country, receive a higher level of education, and fly. To me the service academies were an obvious choice, but there were plenty of...
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    USNA appointment after April 1?

    I am currently CPR and not wait-listed, is indicative of a TWE?
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    Quick question regarding 7th semester transcript.

    I submitted my application in early September with my Junior year transcript. On the forums I have seen many people talking about sending in 7th semester transcripts so I am curious if that is something I need to do. My application page says completed and my regional counselor has not requested...
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    Will my grades hurt my application?

    Thankyou for the assurance, it’s not so much that I’m worried about an A vs an A-, it’s that there are a lot of strong candidates who have held a 4.0 for all of high school, and I am averaging a 3.83. Again, Thankyou for the replies, now it’s time to enjoy the rest of my senior year! Best of...
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    Will my grades hurt my application?

    Just got my finals for the semester back and although they are not terrible, they are not particularly great. The question of whether or not my grades are going to hurt my application has always tormented me, so I figured I would ask a more educated audience. Here is a bite size bit of what my...