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    NROTC Summer Cruise

    sweet thanks i cant wait!!
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    Any advice for NROTC interview

    For some reason my NROTC interview seemed much more informal than what everyone else has described. It was MUCH less stressful that my nomination interviews and I actually quite enjoyed it because I was being interviewed by a helicopter pilot and he was telling me all about it! He was very...
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    NROTC Summer Cruise

    Hey i was just wondering... I have a friend who is enlisted army and he is finishing up training at Fort Benning this summer and receives active duty pay for the whole time he is there. Do we as scholarship midshipmen receive the same type of pay while on summer cruise for NROTC?
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    Marine Option NROTC

    PosThinking- Thats correct. I got a tier 3 scholarship so i'll be majoring in business. I know that at George Washington where i'll be headed this August, they give 4000 towards room and board for anyone who is on scholarship and is an engineering major. Every school is different in whether they...
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    List of things to bring

    On the list of things to bring that i received it said plain white underwear. Are white underarmour compression shorts acceptable? I want to know because i don't want to be running for a week at orientation in regular boxer briefs. thanks
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    Woodbridge NJ ROTC

    The guy i talked to there was Mr. James Daly. His number is 201-697-0067. good luck!!
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    Rotc dodmerb

    Got the transfer wooo!!!!!!
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    Rotc dodmerb

    I requested a transfer to GWU but the captain at GWU said it was highly unlikely that it would be transfered.
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    Rotc dodmerb

    I applied for NROTC scholarship as well as to USNA. I got the scholarship and accepted it. Too bad because it cannot be transfered to the school im going to. So my question is: I am entering NROTC at GWU as a college program Midshipman. Do I need to contact DODMERB and have them send a copy of...
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    Presentation of ROTC Scholarship?

    If i got the scholarship but cant get it transfered to the school i will be attending, should i have it presented?
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    Awards Ceremony

    I received a nomination to usna but i did not end up receiving an appointment (nrotc as backup so no worries). I was invited to the congressman's awards ceremony where they honor a few things one of which being military academy nominees. Is it customary to go to the awards ceremony even if i did...
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    Surfing while in the Navy

    Not to hijack your thread here, but i have a similar question, i read somewhere that mids are not allowed to have motorcycles. Is this true for all navy personnel?
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    April is a great month!

    tuazeee any word?
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    April is a great month!

    Thanks for the encouraging words, my BGO did not notify me and yes i plan on reapplying.
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    April is a great month!

    April isnt that great of a my TWE today. I'll be on 4 year NROTC scholarship next year at GWU, but even still, it stings to hear that you wernt good enough. I guess theres always next year. thanks to everyone on here who answered my questions, good luck!