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    Humor for my Navy and Marine friends

    Mercy, besides the obvious the anchor fluke should always face inboard. I'm not sure but that looks like a right arm. Or, I'm not sure if that's an arm.
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    Not sure where to post this...

    In a league void of role models, this WP grad and all around good guy plus a heck of a football player dares the daily norms and dares those who might knock his actions. I dare anyone to counter what this patriot is doing.
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    Best way to research the Maritime industry?

    I see what you did there.
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    At a crossroads

    I've been out of pocket for awhile for a few reasons but will come in from the cold to say that @UHBlackhawk is one of the most knowledgeable. members on this board.
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    Time to Float the Idea of Liberty for the Mids

    My district did the opposite. Teachers can assign only 60 minutes of homework a week and 72 minutes for AP/IB students.
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    The Military Feel Good Thread - Post anything

    We would set up in front of the DISBO and DK with vaccines on ice and a crew roster with types of immunizations listed. If you needed a shot you got it before you got paid. We didn't need to do it every pay day but it was a good way to keep everybody up to date.
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    Time to Float the Idea of Liberty for the Mids

    Capt. Mike Desmond spent 207 consecutive days at sea this year, which is believed to be a modern U.S. record, he said.
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    Navy Football

    I can see you now. Great catch.
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    Jarhead's Quarantine

    Start trolling the head football coach. Call him Joey Freshwater. Nah, on further review, don't do that.
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    Jarhead's Quarantine

    I prefer you are welcome for my service.
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    Time to Float the Idea of Liberty for the Mids

    Admiral and then DNI Blair came to the ship with a reputation and as mentioned, we had no Internet but was told that we had a hotshot coming to take over. We did the change of command at sea. He relieved CDR James Francis Shannahan III who was the best CO I had in 26 years. Back to Blair. We...
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    Time to Float the Idea of Liberty for the Mids

    First, I was not referring to the great parents we have here as members as whiny. You all are great. Next, I reached out to an old shipmate about the side scrubbing going on. The photo in my ranting post above shows locals we hired to do the work. This thumbnail shows a barge they brought...