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    Advantages of going to the Coast Guard Academy versus the Navy Academy? difficult choice.

    I always enjoyed working with our Department of Transporta...I mean Department of Homeland Security representatives. Great branch of the military. Great mission.
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    Loss of a Brigade mate

    The midshipman a very large and well respected man. I can’t imagine him being hazed.
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    Loss of a Brigade mate

    @justdoit19 thanks for posting. “A CPR-certified midshipman administered resuscitation efforts at the recommendation of first responders en route to Bancroft Hall.” The midshipman who did CPR will hopefully find comfort in the CPR effort. The chance of surviving a pre-hospital cardiac arrest...
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    Lt. Gen. Charles "Chuck" Pitman Sr - Marine Hero - dies

    This story would make a good movie.
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    Top 5 movies

    Soon I hope.
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    Coast Guard Academy? So you're enlisting?

    There's no higher honor than maintaining the Navy and Marine Corps' most valuable weapons system, the Sailor and Marine.
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    Coast Guard Academy? So you're enlisting?

    In early to mid-2000s my son drew interest in football from four of the five service academies. Army: no interest. Navy: heavily recruited including seats on 50 yard line at all home games. Dropped from slate abruptly. Air Force: he received a letter from Fisher DeBerry thanking him for his...
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    Coast Guard Academy? So you're enlisting?

    Same here in Northern Virginia. Obviously I guess. I've written on here before the school in which I teach is the closest in our district to the Pentagon. We have heavy academy and ROTC representation at our convocation. They schedule the military presentations first so they can leave after they...
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    Humor for my Navy and Marine friends

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    Thank you, SAF

    sehr beeindruckend (very impressive)
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    Thank you, SAF

    Dangit you'd better come back here at least to read all your well-wishes. Now who's peeling that onion?
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    Enlisted Opinions of SAs and SMCs

    Thanks, he’s a good man and has developed into an outstanding Marine officer. He’s tough as nails but with a big heart and is still a mama’s boy. I wasn’t a member here when he was in high school to brag about his 4.6 GPA, 16 extracurriculars, and Eagle Scout achievement and to ask “chance my...
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    Government and politics

    I can’t keep up. I still speak Southern English.
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    Government and politics

    I do bear watching.