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  • FYI,
    My DD checked her USNA portal and a nomination from Foster is showing up, even though she has not received any communication from his office. I know your DS interviewed with Foster's office, so if you haven't heard anything and are sitting on pins and needles, have your DS check his portal. Good luck!
    Dial the gate
    Thank you! That is very kind of you to let us know! Son is knee deep in finals, I am very sure he has not checked his portal in awhile.
    Congratulations to your daughter!! Good luck moving forward! Happy Holidays!
    Having been in your position I appreciate your concern. My DS had his scholarship awarded to a top 25 private university. He was accepted at that school. A few weeks later he was accepted at an Ivy league school. The folks in Pensacola called him a couple of days later and asked if wanted to transfer his scholarship. He had not reached out to them. The folks working the there scramble to match top students with schools.
    If engineering is your DSs field of study and he is awarded a scholarship you should be fine. UM and RPI are top schools. As son as he is awarded a scholarship, make sure he includes it in his application. I don't know about UM, but it is helpful at RPI.
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