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    Questions For Founding Members

    Coming in considerably late here, but I was around when the site was formed. Originally everyone posted on College Confidential. We got a considerable amount of bleed-through from the non-SA forums- people just wanting to start ****, rile others up, hate on the military- before 'trolls' were a...
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    Words of Wisdom - for Plebe Summer (Parts I and II)

    No. Firsties have to do a warfare cruise and some other training, usually attached to the Academy in some way, but it doesn't have to be PS.
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    Company Assignments Have Been Mailed

    I really wouldn't worry about the company's nickname. From the list presented earlier in the thread, maybe one or two of those are actually current, and the name really has no bearing on the atmosphere of the company. IE, "Free 19" refers to an incident some uncounted years ago where nearly...
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    USNA Parents Club of NJ

    The Alumni Association and your respective parents' club are the only ones that most people join. Your pleber can elect to have a small amount of her pay deducted to pay for the life membership. It's an easy way to take care of it, and i'm pretty sure my parents got mailings and such from the...
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    Multivitamins during Plebe Summer

    Heh...if you're thinking about using a vitamin to stave off the plebe-hack, don't bother. Your pleber will get it no matter what. Kids today could use the swift kick to the immune system anyway. As far as creatine goes, that's not something you need anyway, and yes, they will take it away.
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    USNA football player dismissed!

    Mongo- I'm not saying we only need intellectuals here. I strongly agree with the need for balance. My statement above is meant to get that across: Solely focusing on the field and not being able to apply that same focus to the classroom is something that the military doesn't need, but the...
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    USNA's Fleming in NY Times OpEd

    After experiencing first-hand what Fleming is talking about, I'd agree with his assessment, and I think you'd be hard pressed to find a Mid who isn't upset about the changing standards. The best example I can think of is Plebe Summer. During the first brief to detailers, the staff...
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    USNA football player dismissed!

    So you're saying that having these attributes on the field but not in the classroom is what the military is looking for? I strongly beg to differ. Considering the weight that this place puts on Academics, I'd say its the other way around. And if someone is incapable of dedicating themselves...
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    Why is the word "heroes" in quotations? Are they implying that they're not? I just find that curious....almost like the author uses the word with disdain or a bit of cynicism. Maybe I'm just reading into it too much...
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    SGLI Question?

    Yes, take the coverage. I'm sure the cost changes depending on how much you elect to take, but I have the 400K and it costs me $27 a month that's automatically taken from my pay. It doesn't affect the $100 stipend that you get as plebe or any other year as a mid. Yes, you have the option to...
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    Plan of Action

    Here's my take on screwing up early in high school (freshman/soph year): While consistent good performance is good, the Academy realizes that it's not "sophomore-you" that they'll be reviewing, so your performance in the latter years is considerably more valuable. That said, the value of doing...
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    Not Sure about going to USNA

    If he's considering NROTC vs. USNA, I guess we can assume he's committed to being a naval the issue is how he gets there. I did a year at UW in Seattle before coming here. Now, I have fond memories of ROTC and some great experiences, great friends I still keep in touch with (and...
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    Navy more liberal?

    Z...looking for your posts is honestly the only reason I ever come back here nowadays...keep on truckin', sir
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    1st LT Turpin awarded Commendation medal with V, 7th Female O to get award

    "First Lt. Rebecca M. Turpin received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat Distinguishing Device at Combat Logistics Battalion 3’s Warriors’ Field Sept. 4, for her actions under enemy fire during the battalion’s last deployment to Afghanistan from October 2008 to May 2009."...
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    NAVY-Air Force Football 03OCT09

    Honestly, I hated Saturday's game. Neither team wanted to lose, so neither team played to their full capacity. It was like watching a horrible high-school game as they constantly ran it up the middle for a gain of no more than 5-6 yards at a time. I think we ran the option once and passed for...