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    PCS to USMA

    Regular PCS, just make sure you turn in ta-50 when you clear post. Your OCIE should be cleared. Take all the leave you can before R-Day, you won't need to worry about leave balance once you get here.
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    Prior service CC to USMA

    If you find USMA is not for you, they can send you back to your old unit or you can spend a few years here working on post. You do not want that on your ERB. The staff wants to work with you to ensure you will graduate. You do need to have a certain amount of time remaining in service to attend...
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    USMAPS R-Day Haircut Payment

    It's going to be like basic. Your hair is getting cut that day no matter what.
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    Back pack or carry on for R Day?

    What about prior enlisted with uniforms already? That's extra luggage
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    USMAPS Prior enlisted packing list

    Do prior enlisted bring everything that the Army has already issued them? I.e. uniforms and CIF equipment.