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    Life as a Female Pilot

    This is what I was getting at. Side note: My squadron has three female pilots: me, a captain, and the commander. Coincidentally (or not) we're also the only unmarried pilots.
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    Life as a Female Pilot

    I'm a 2014 USAFA grad flying HH-60's. I wanted '60's all the way through the academy and I worked my *** off in UPT to give myself the choice. I'm not going to lie to you, living the pilot life in today's ops tempo is tough no matter what airframe you choose. Yes, I've done a lot of really cool...
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    2020 cadet lost this weekend

    One of the cadet's older brothers was in my squadron and graduated from USAFA in 2015. A great family, and a great loss. A toast...
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    Rated Slots Going Out

    The last UPT class to receive their assignments (a week ago) didn't drop any RPAs. The original memo that pulled two pilots per UPT class for an RPA assignment was supposedly just for fiscal year 2016, so it looks like the reaping may be over...
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    Letter writer volunteers

    Sure, I'll write a couple letters! I'm a 2LT (about to pin on 1LT) helicopter pilot from Minnesota. I worked 1st BCT as an element leader and then a flight commander, so I have a pretty good idea what basics will be going through. I'm happy to pass on some tips and advice!
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    Any Helicopter Pilots Out There?

    The helo career fields are actually all undermanned right now, and the AF is planning to add additional helo pilots to global strike command. I'm not sure how that will affect the available SUPT-H slots.
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    Any Helicopter Pilots Out There?

    For me it's more about the rotary missions and the type of flying itself than the flying time. Helicopters fly much, much lower than most fixed wing aircraft. For reference, the two low level flights you receive in the T-6 are flown at 500' AGL. Most USAF fixed wing aircraft spend the majority...
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    Any Helicopter Pilots Out There?

    I graduated from SUPT-H a couple of months ago and am headed to fly the HH-60G. Feel free to PM me with any questions as well! I highly reccomend Raimius's blog posts. They're a detailed and accurate description of UPT in general and the helo track. CV-22 drops returned to being shared between...
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    What if I don't fly after USAFA....

    Let me know if you'd like more information on the rescue pilot option. I'm still in the training pipeline -- I finished up SUPT-H and am headed to my follow on course next month to learn how to fly the HH-60 -- but that's my assignment. We fly low and slow, and we're certainly down and gritty in...
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    Where Are They Now?

    Hey all! I graduated from USAFA in 2014 and PCS'd to Columbus AFB for SUPT. I arrived at Columbus at the end of July '14, went to IFS 1.5 weeks later, and started SUPT in October. I track selected my first choice - helicopters - last June and moved down to Fort Rucker for SUPT-H. I'm finishing...
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    I highly recommend R&R woodworking. I bought two saber cases from R&R last year. They were more expensive than the standard cases from the cadet store, but the craftsmanship is beautiful. I was also able to get red (class color) backing. The first was a single case with a glass cover for myself...
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    What happens after graduation?

    USAFA grads get 60 days of leave after graduation and then report to their base. From there, it diverges. Rated trainees (pilot, CSO, UAV operator, Air Battle Manager) are assigned a "casual status" job at their training base until their class starts. Casual jobs are usually regular office jobs...
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    Ask new C4Cs anything!

    I remember this type of thread from 4 years ago! 2018, you have the aircraft. Keep up the RTB spirit for us! :thumb:
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    The big five-oh.

    Training is a pendulum. After a few years of "softer" BCT and 4-degree training, the pendulum is swinging the other direction. A good change, in my opinion.
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    "Casual Duty" for 2nd Lieutenants

    AFSCs were released today. Pilot for me!