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  • Question: the candidate activities record resume portion is limited to 10,000 characters. Is that with or without spaces?


    It's PERFECTLY good to have this posted! "IF" any cadre member read this and thought to "speak with her" about this...they really need to get a life! This is great stuff; completely good, and I don't think any "cadre" person would think twice about it.

    NOW...showing up on Facebook with a T-Shirt saying something like "Bring it on Cadre, I'm better than you!" might not be smart!!!

    Just wondering about the child of a disabled veteran nomination. Does anyone know how many cadets are at the usafa now with that nom.? How many open seats are their for 2016? I'm complete and just waiting. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you. GO Falcons
    Hi Steve,
    Did I really say "one more question"? Well, I take it back. ONE more.....
    DS's DoDmerb status now reads Potential Pilot Qualified. Are you comfortable interpreting that for me? Thanks!
    Hi Steve,
    If you can stand one more questiojn from me! Here goes:
    I have a question that I think you can answer for me and I did not want to be off-topic and or go "rogue" with a topic that surely has been addressed in the past. Here is my question: would it be accurate to infer that 20% to 25% of those on the NWL receive an appointment? I'm a bit confused. After all of the principle noms, etc. have been taken out of the applicant pool, how many candidates are generally left to sit on the NWL and of that number, how many slots are there? I think the number that I have read is 400 slots. But I guess that number does not mean much to me as I don't know what the total number is on the NWL! Hope this makes sense and I appreciate your help, as always!
    Thank you so very much for your reply!! I don't think that this was "highlighted" w/ our ALO but again, it would not have made a huge difference on the GPA. As I sit here stalking the forum (haha) I have time to think of "stuff" and that fell into my "stuff" category today. :)

    Your advice will be well-heeded re: the high school grades from middle school- if the dreaded TWE arrives! Also, one more question if you don't mind: the GPA that is on DS's transcript is NOT the GPA that is posted on the online application. I realize that it says that GPA can be recalculated by the AFA, but do you know why they would recalculate? Do they omit certain classes, take weighting off of AP's etc.? Again, this is neither here nor there w/ respect to DS or his application for this year...more for my information as to what might have caused his GPA to be reduced on the final GPA score online. Thank you so much!
    Hello there....I have a question and I was not sure what thread it would fall under and did not want to get "off topic". DS took 5 high school classes in middle school. His high school transcript shows these classes and the associated grades BUT they do not factor these into his GPA since they were classes taken elsewhere. My question is this: Do you know if the USAFA re-factors the GPA with ALL high school course grades included OR do they just take the GPA that the high school provides. I realize that it is too late in the process to change anything now, but I an just curious and if the TWE arrives, it will be good to know for AFA application process this Fall. Thank you in advance if you are able to provide clarification on this.
    p.s. DS's GPA is very good so it was never an area of concern, but if those 5 courses has been included , it would have been several tenths of a point better.
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